RAM Genesis Campaign - OG Seasons


Attention anons, RAM (Real Assets Market) Genesis Campaign is about to start!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of RAM v1, we are thrilled to announce our Genesis Campaign OG Seasons. These first seasons will reward our early community members for helping us grow on X and spread the word! On the menu, incentivized quests that will allow you to harvest some $WOOL. Congratulations, you are in the vanguard of the RWA revolution!

RAM (Real Assets Market) in a Nutshell

RAM (Real Assets Market) is a P2P Market for Real World Assets. We are building an infrastructure to align interests between tokenized bonds issuers and DeFi investors to make low cap securities liquid and available on the secondary market. Our solution includes smart contract standards that allow issuers to bridge their assets on our bulletin board, a royalties system to reward these issuers as well as a gamified trading environment for investors powered by the WOOL token.

The WOOL Utility & Governance Token

WOOL is RAM utility & governance token. Deflationary by design, its supply is reduced through a buy-back & burn mechanism on every secondary market transaction. Basically, the more assets are listed, the more volume on the bulletin board, the more WOOL are burnt 🔥

Soon WOOL tokenomics will be revealed along RAM whitepaper.

Genesis Campaign - OG Seasons

This very first Season will start this Friday, April 5, 2024 at 5pm UTC and will last for a few weeks. To participate, you will need to join our Genesis page where you will be able to access our Galxe Onboarding Raffle as well as our Zealy Campaign.

How to participate?

The Galxe onboarding raffle winners will be announced as this first Season ends.As for the Zealy Campaign, we’ll announce the Top 350 leaderboard as the Sprint ends.

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