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This article introduces NFTwithMe, a collective here to help you NFT and beyond.

NFTwithMe is a collective founded by @mata_theNFTguy to help educate and impact through web3 technology and beyond with three primary focus areas:

  1. Education - learn with me to help make sense of how to NFT and beyond.
  2. Empowerment - officially incorporated as NFTwithMe LLC, offering NFT and crypto consulting services worldwide to empower individuals, brands and companies to succeed in the web3 ecosystem and beyond.
  3. Community - join our Discord and follow us on twitter @nftwithme to help foster collaboration and connections around web3 and beyond.

Thank you for being an early community member. We are just getting started.

Current Projects

  • Seva.Love - learn about how Deepak Chopra is using NFTs as a tool for good through the metaverse and beyond
  • Learnwithme.eth - learn about how to NFT and beyond through a series of educational guides focused on the Ethereum ecosystem
  • OneUnitedBank - learn about how NFTwithMe is helping the largest black owned bank enter the NFT space*

Current Creatives

  • Addonis - view Addonis 1st collection From Paris With Love, celebrating renowed civil rights activist, entertainer and international spy Josephine Baker.
  • Meolino - view Meolino’s 1st collection Angelic Moments on Known Origin
  • Artavis - listen to Artavis’ 1st musical NFT track minted tune.fm
  • More to be announced soon*

Past Collaborations

  • Emilia Clarke + SameYou - Learn about how Seva.Love partnered with Emilia Clarke to raise >32ETH for the SameYou charity*
  • InfiniteWorld SPAC Merger and IPO - Learn about how the startup is going public which Matai led the product team of when they launched their first NFT marketplace on the Hedera Hashgraph*
  • InfiniteWorld x Calaxy - Learn about Matai led an NFT project helping NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie raffle off digital and physical shoes for charity through NFTs*
  • Implementing blockchain tech at a major Telecomm company - learn more about how Mata helped implement a blockchain solution and design a B2B (business-to-business) governance model for a major telecommunications company*

*Any items without a hyperlink will be updated when new articles are created and/or information is made publicly available.

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