Introducing Waymont Private Custody

Satoshi Nakamoto sparked a revolution that gave birth to a world of endless possibilities.

In this world, fearless pioneers and visionary innovators escape the limitations of traditional systems - and often create wealth along the way.

Waymont is a crypto-native wealth platform built to empower these unique individuals. Today, we proudly reveal our flagship solution: Waymont Private Custody - a complete, transformative self-custody solution built for HNWIs.

Waymont Private Custody offers unprecedented security and flexibility, delivered in one platform that’s powerful yet simple to use.

What is Waymont Private Custody?

The Problem: Self-custody is intimidating and burdensome.

Speed, safety, and self-custody in digital markets aren't just nice to have; they're necessary. Yet current tools are insufficient. In hundreds of conversations with crypto-natives, we heard two things:

Self-custody is intimidating: HNWIs stress about risks like hacks, physical threats, inheritance planning, hardware failure, recovery plans, loss, and accidents–to name a few. Lost keys or recovery phrases are often permanent.

Self-custody is burdensome: Setups are often inefficient and inaccessible. Traveling safely, managing assets across platforms, and hardware connectivity issues are draining.

This detracts from your ability to prioritize what matters and succeed on-chain.

The Solution: Self-custody without drawbacks.

Waymont Private Custody is a self-custody platform without drawbacks. We work with each client to create Vaults secured by transaction policies, biometric authentication, and hassle-free recovery to navigate crypto—simpler, safer, and faster.

Access your Waymont Vaults via Waymont Mobile, Waymont Extension, or Waymont Web.

Waymont Suite: Waymont Extension, Waymont Web & Waymont Mobile
Waymont Suite: Waymont Extension, Waymont Web & Waymont Mobile

Onboarding: You start your Waymont experience with a comprehensive 1-hour onboarding session. Our team helps you to customize your transaction policies and recovery procedures.

Transaction Policies: As a Waymont client, you can customize your transaction policy easily to include:

  • Address whitelists

  • Transaction amount limits

  • IP address restrictions

  • Time of day limitations

  • And much more, limited only by your imagination

When a transaction is signed, it is instantly confirmed against your policies and relayed to the blockchain if compliant. Transaction policies are time-locked and must be approved via biometrics, providing security if a Trusted Device is lost or stolen.

Account Recovery: In addition, you can customize how to quickly recover your account in the event of loss or theft of your account. Waymont supports:

  • Social recovery: Easily enroll non-technical friends, family, and trusted parties via email, and retrieve your Waymont account via n-of-m social recovery.

  • Crypto recovery: Enroll your existing crypto addresses as guardians.

  • Dead man’s switch recovery: Enable specific addresses to recover your account after a predetermined period.

Maximum Security & Usability: You’ll also be able to leverage features such as:

  • Human-readable transactions for easy verification

  • Instant biometric authentication via Waymont Mobile

  • Compatibility with your favorite dApps and wallets, including Zerion, Zapper, and Debank

  • Built-in fraud-detection and risk alerts

  • And more coming soon!

All in two simple steps. Transact effortlessly by:

  1. Initiate transaction via Waymont Web or Extension

  2. Approve on a Waymont Trusted Device

All transactions undergo policy and fraud detection checks before being relayed to the blockchain.

A visual preview of the Waymont Private Custody stack
A visual preview of the Waymont Private Custody stack

Waymont Club & Concierge

In addition to Waymont Private Custody, our clients benefit from the following.

  1. Waymont Club: Access deals, partners, and a network of exceptional crypto-natives to help you achieve your goals. ‍

  2. Waymont Concierge: High-touch service tailored to your unique needs (ie. sourcing liquidity, physical and digital security, and Private Custody support)

These opportunities are gradually rolling out to clients.

Learn more

Joining Waymont

If you're interested in joining Waymont and experiencing Waymont Private Custody firsthand, please connect with a team member to learn more. View membership requirements here.


Security is our top priority at Waymont. We build simple, transparent, layered security systems for with best-in-class safety. Our experienced team has navigated crypto’s complexities for years and is a venture-backed startup. Waymont Private Custody has been audited by industry-leading Trail of Bits and Least Authority. Additionally, Waymont Private Custody may work with insurance partners to underwrite deposits on behalf of clients.

Thanks for reading; we hope you have a fantastic week!

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