You need to know About Based Penguins?

Welcome to Based Penguins, a community-driven NFT project building on Base Chain. With only 999 limited edition penguins, we invite you to join us in the world of Based Penguins. Our brand is born in Web3, fostering creativity, freedom, and community. Dive into the blue with us! 🔵

Soon we will launch our exclusive Limited Edition NFT Collection. Be among the first to own one of our 999 limited edition NFTs. Brace yourself for stunning artwork and unmatched value!But wait, there's more! As a holder of Based Penguins, you'll wield governance power and have a say in our future DAO. Plus, when we unveil our governance token, you'll receive tokens as a reward. But that's not all - Based Penguins holders will enjoy perks like free NFT minting and long-term benefits from our partner projects.And that's not all! Based Penguins holders will also gain access to exclusive private discussion groups, where you can engage with like-minded community members and stay up-to-date on all the latest developments.Mark your calendars and join us as we redefine the NFT landscape. See you there! 🔥

Based Penguins
Based Penguins
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