The Past 6 Months at Affi Network
March 13th, 2023

Written on: October 19, 2022
Author: Pinaki (CEO & Founder at Affi Network)

Exactly 6 months ago today, I had pushed out the first version of the Affi Network Whitepaper.

Happy to share that so much has been accomplished since then:

  • Went from 1 to 5 solid team members

  • Created three websites

  • Built a large database of potential users

  • Released updated versions of the whitepaper

  • Onboarded over 10 investors

  • Onboarded strategic advisors

  • Partnered with a massive institution (confidential until announced by them)

  • Started building our community (~15k Twitter)

  • Designed our architecture from scratch (innovative technology)

  • Created unique smart contracts using very modern tools and frameworks

  • Built our own multi-chain tracking engine

  • Designed and built our own dApp (MVP)

  • Went to crypto events, got user feedback, and networked with awesome people

  • Acquired customers and got LOIs signed

Excited to share that we’ll soon be ready for testnet 🤯. Really excited for this! We’re testing internally and fixing bugs at the moment.

Most of the people who’ve seen our demo have said that the product is “very cool” and “easy to use”.

It’s been a wild journey so far - and pushing through a bear market is …. No words for it 😅

While I wish we did things even faster, I’m really proud of the team for what we’ve accomplished with such few resources.

We have many more releases, updates, and announcements coming your way, so please stay tuned!

If you’d like to be considered as one of our product testers, please send me a DM to request an invitation!

Let’s go #AffiNetwork 🚀

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