How to claim your NFT using your proof

In this post I’ll guide you to claiming your NFT using your proof. Keep in mind that all data has to be exactly the same otherwise it won’t work. Let’s get to it.

What You Need

There are a few things you will be needing before following this guide:

  • Your wallet, that you used to claim with. Make sure you are not connected with another wallet.

  • Your download proof. This is the JSON file you downloaded from the website. It should be called something like this:

  • $MATIC. You will be needing some $MATIC in your wallet for executing the transaction. It should be no more than $0.005 worth of $MATIC.

The Guide

First visit the following link:

Upon arrival you will see the following page, press the “Connect to web3“ button.

The polygonscan website after visiting the link
The polygonscan website after visiting the link

You will be getting a pop-up to connect your wallet. Choose the MetaMask option if you have a MetaMask wallet. Choose WalletConnect if you have another wallet.

In this guide I will focus on the MetaMask wallet.

It may happen that you have to click the button twice if its your first time doing this!

After successful connecting you should see the following message instead of the connect your wallet button:

🟢Connected - Web3 [Your wallet address]

Next click on the claim button and the following field will show up.

Fields required to claim
Fields required to claim

Open the JSON file you have downloaded. You will see something like this:


Keep in mind this proof is only for you and does not work for other wallets, since its cryptographically signed for your wallet only.

The data has to be copy pasted in the field according to this example:

  • _salt = RandomSalt

  • _signature = Signature

  • _tokenId = TokenId

Copy the values, without the “ and paste them into the fields as shown in the image. Press the blue write button and a MetaMask message will pop-up. Press confirm, if no error, and the transaction will now complete. After completion you will have minted your NFT. The proof file may now be deleted. 🎉

The pop-up after filling in the data
The pop-up after filling in the data

What happens if you filled in the wrong data?

Notice I changed the “b“ at the end of the _signature field to a “c“ and it will not work.


Error when filling in a single wrong character
Error when filling in a single wrong character
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