wellnessDAO: the whitepaper

TLDR; A global community sharing/promoting wellness practices across digital and physical spaces.

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Introduction (Our Why?)

“Wellness” can mean different things to different people. Physical fitness? Mental health? Emotional stability? Spiritual growth? All of the above?

These are all dimensions of wellness, and they’re all interdependent and interlinked. The mind affects the body, the body affects the mind, and the spirit affects both. This community is about all of these things. We’re all about supporting each other in our active pursuit of better health, well-being, and coming back to who we truly are.

In short, we’re about living well.

Our mission is to amplify the focus on wellness amidst the chaos of our world today. We are creating a holistic wellness community that combines personal & professional coaching, real human connections, shared experiences, tools & frameworks for living well, and above all, a strong and compassionate support network. We share conscious practices with each other, bridging digital and physical mediums to practice together and live well.

The speed and force with which web3 is evolving foretells a shift in how organizations, products, teams, and missions will be built in the future. Our team recognizes the benefits (speed to market, cross-border collaboration, community focus) and the drawbacks (constant FOMO, 24/7 market alerts, hustle culture).

Our team’s focus & excitement has shifted from single-purpose DAOs, which can be transient and outcome-dependent, to mission-driven DAOs, with long-term, meaningful goals - and communities to match. With wellnessDAO, we aim to provide a space where people can share, grow, and learn from different practices and create life-long bonds with one another.

Who are we?

wellnessDAO is the future of community-driven wellness — a modern health and wellness club, dedicated to elevating our global community’s collective psyche through digital and physical experiences. To expand beyond the dynamically changing web3/NFT space, we are opening up a dialogue around spiritual growth and caring for our psychological needs. What better way to be inspired than to cultivate your own growth while building meaningful relationships world-wide?

Ultimately, our goal is to own physical land and build a holistic, integrated wellness center for community members. This will be the first practice-agnostic retreat, serving as a blank canvas for coaches, practitioners, and instructors to create unique experiences chosen by the DAO. As cited in our values below, wellnessDAO will be completely unbiased, empowering members of our community to discover their own personalized set of wellness practices.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is personal. This loaded term can mean different things to different people! Everyone is the driver of their own journey, and it is the responsibility of each individual to define what wellness means to us. wellnessDAO is here to provide a community and network to help us along that journey.

Wellness is multi-dimensional. For every person, there are many important aspects of wellness to consider — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and more. Understanding and assessing all of these different types of wellness is critical to knowing ourselves, and prioritizing personal investments to improve our wellbeing.

Wellness is a spectrum. Sick / Well doesn’t exist as a binary like a light switch that is either ON or OFF. At different points in our lives, we’re all somewhere on a spectrum for each dimension of wellness. Our status for each dimension is constantly changing, and can differ. Our physical health might be a 10, for example, but our mental health a 3. We want our community to provide guidance for everyone, no matter where they are on the wellness spectrum at any given time.

In a digital economy that profits off our attention and consumption of ”junk” content, wellness is a lifelong journey to align our physical, spiritual, and mental states to values that uplift, that empower, and that free. Wellness is a broad category, and there are many different sub-communities that will form within our ecosystem. Psychedelics, bio-hacking, meditation, diet and nutrition, exercise science, trauma healing, shadow work, talk therapy, financial literacy, relationship work - there are so many different approaches to wellness that it can be overwhelming without proper guidance and a community to lean on.

What does wellnessDAO do?

Each of us are at our own point in our wellness journeys; no two people are in the same place, or even on the same path. We all have our own life experiences, belief systems, thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. We all live unique lives.

However, humans are social creatures. Despite our differences, we try to find common ground, and express our ideas and opinions to each other. It’s in our nature to connect.

wellnessDAO exists to connect individuals seeking full, enriched lives. We’ll introduce each other to different approaches to wellness, and create a platform for open discussion and learning. Together, our members will review and decide how to each approach the different dimensions of wellness.

  • Imagine a vibrant ecosystem with sub-communities built around different wellness topics - both online and offline.
  • Imagine wellness weekends attended by members of these sub-communities and wellness festivals bringing together the entire community.
  • Imagine physical land transformed into holistic practice-agnostic wellness retreats around the world.
  • Imagine special events, retreats, and workshops hosted by members, experts, and coaches, each knowledgeable about different topics.
  • Imagine a 24/7, dynamic online community to ask questions of, and to answer, being rewarded for helping others through active engagement.
  • Imagine an ecosystem of aligned-incentives, built on the shared trust that we are all in pursuit of our own personal improvement.
  • Imagine finding a smaller, more intimate support group, self-organized by community members who can relate to or have been through your exact situation.
  • Imagine being part of a group where you can freely be yourself and feel accepted without judgement.

In-person connection is essential for this to come to life. Digital content, zoom calls, and text groups have their value - but the real magic of a community happens when we’re together, sharing authentic moments in a physical space.

We are redefining the value of a community in terms of human connection, not an economic exchange of profit-generating tokens. We are building the compassion economy.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d love for you to join us on this journey!

High Level Roadmap

  1. Feb 2022: Beta launch for early community members who will guide and shape the direction of our community.
  2. Feb / March 2022: Host our first series of events for genesis members, tracked through non-transferrable contribution NFTs and wellness NFTs
    1. A few possibilities: guided sound meditations from one of our coaches, seminar on topics of the community’s choice, in-person retreat(s), town hall discussions
    2. Organize into a DAO and start identifying how to use funds, and obtaining access to world-class instructors across practices
  3. Q2 2022: Launch utility NFTs which activate retreat access (one a year), token-gated community access, governance, perks and physical wellness perks.
  4. Mid 2022: broader community launch, including prospective token offering, and reward engagement with the issuance of new tokens.
  5. Late 2022: Acquisition of community assets (e.g. tickets to retreats, physical space, expert seminars, bank of coaching sessions, host our own online and real-life events, etc.)
  6. 2023 and Beyond: expand to additional assets and creation of a global membership community. Establish Wellness Centers IRL across the world!

Why now and why a DAO?

This is a question we ask ourselves regularly — a few key reasons are listed below:

  1. Inaccessibility of existing healthcare systems: treatment is not cheap, nor is it easy to get. Using the example of board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists and psychiatric nurse practitioners (as one of many approaches to wellness), according to the American Journal for Preventative Medicine, “about one quarter (27%) of metropolitan counties lacked a psychiatrist, compared with 65% of non-metropolitan counties. About one fifth (19%) of metropolitan counties lacked a psychologist, compared with almost half (47%) of non-metropolitan counties”. And if one happens to live in the same county as a practitioner, average rates for therapy are $100-$200 an hour, with dubious insurance coverage. Even if one is fortunate to have psychiatrist/psychologist visits covered by insurance, high deductibles make it difficult to seek out help and treatment due to the upfront costs.
    1. Resource sharing allows us to scale and fractionalize these resources across a broader base, creating functional utility while managing individual cost.
  2. Expanding the Narrative around “Wellness”: many dimensions of wellness are either ignored or vastly minimized in their importance. For instance, in many global cultures today, physical wellness is commonly prioritized over mental and emotional wellbeing. As wellnessDAO grows, we aim to leverage the platform of the community to continue to share our wellness journeys with the world to bring visibility to how critical some of these other aspects of life are (and how to think about and work on them as needed!).
  3. Providing access to coaches, thought-leaders, and peers: initial proceeds from the Genesis membership NFT will allow us to scale much more rapidly, and create meaningful value for community members from the beginning.
    1. Rather than direct the community to healthcare systems, we tap into expertise of coaches and non-board-certified practitioners, understanding that healthcare systems are not one-size-fits-all. DAOs (and the associated assets) also naturally provide a lightweight but effective set of incentives through which we can curate, maintain, and grow a healthy and thriving community.
  4. Establishing a sense of order and governance: By building a tokenized community, governance and buy-in is inherently built into the structure of the organization.
  5. Collective decision-making: the community should have agency over future direction and initiatives to pursue. Existing models of community-led governance lack the scalability and accountability of fully-public, immutable voting system.

Our Values

  • Acceptance - of ourselves, and each other; we’re all on a journey
  • Awareness - of our thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Authenticity - each of us being unapologetically who we are
  • Connection - between our minds, bodies, and spirits; and with each other
  • Growth and Adaptability - embracing our human and spiritual dynamism through self-awareness and being open to feedback and change
  • Compassion - understanding ourselves to be human and treating ourselves and others with respect and love

If this resonates with you…

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