wellnessDAO weekly: week of 3/7-3/13

Hello wellness friends! Let’s dig into all the fun we had this past week🙂

This week on Discord:

  • Breathwork: @defrag introduced us to the wim hof method app!
  • Yoga: great discussion inspired by @smart130 on balancing daily tech use with different wellness methods (helpful solutions by @seeinplays, @Drogon, and @zeez included disconnecting on the weekend, waking up quite early, batching - check out Mel Robbins’ take on work-life balance)
  • Nutrition: some good thoughts on alternatives to diet soda for that energy boost! @sndysnchz and @zeez posted some delicious options, including poppi soda, yerba mate & taika, a new beverage brand out of FWB. Also! @daynapatchouli shared a grocery/pantry guide for those looking to simplify their grocery shopping process
  • Meetups: Had a fun meetup in SF this past weekend! Thank you @zeez for coordinating - looking forward to the next one, and the ones being planned in NYC and LA soon!
  • Events: Shoutout to @jhoff92 for hosting an amazing sound bath meditation this past Tuesday evening! We had an incredible turnout (thanks to you all of you lovely folks <3) Many more to come in the future :)
  • NFT Projects: @empowa’s adorable plant NFT project Seed Society is live at: https://seedsociety.xyz/minting

Other wellnessDAO recommendations of the week:

This week on Social:

  • Link shared on twitter: how does a sound bath work?
  • Hehe we had our first airdrop for all of our sound bath attendees! thanks again to everyone who attended

This week in Crypto:

Upcoming Events next week:

  • Tuesday, March 15th: Living Well: Twitter Space at 4pm PT / 7pm ET! Be sure to tune in
  • Wednesday, March 16th: Weekly Social Meditation at 12pm PT / 3pm ET! Join in #meditate-together
  • Friday, March 18th: Vinyasa Yoga / Breathwork at 7am PT / 10am ET! RSVP now, in #events

Add our public google calendar to your calendars to stay updated on any and all events.

And that’s a wrap!

To our new members, welcome to our wonderful community! We hope you all had an energizing and restful week. As always, live well everyone :)

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