Unlocking the Potential of Micro3: A Comprehensive User Guide

Navigating the Micro3 Ecosystem - From M3G to NFT Collections

I/ Explore Micro3 Gems (M3G)

Micro3 Gems (M3G) is the heartbeat of the Micro3 ecosystem, functioning as both a point system and primary currency. Here's a breakdown of the benefits M3G offers:

1. Participation in M3G Ranking Events

Engage in monthly and quarterly M3G ranking events, unlocking substantial cash rewards based on your M3G ownership.

2. Tier Upgrades for Micro3 ID

Utilize M3G to enhance your Micro3 ID's Tier level, unlocking more benefits as you progress through the tiers.

3. Future Programs and Activities

M3G holders may qualify for upcoming programs and activities, ensuring continuous excitement and engagement.

4. Acquiring M3G

To acquire M3G, one must first obtain a Micro3 ID. With a Micro3 ID, users receive an initial allotment of M3G for each NFT minted.

II/ Streak: Enhance M3G Earnings

Introducing Streak, a feature that streamlines the process of earning M3G. It operates similarly to a winning streak in a game, calculating daily accrual based on a straightforward formula.

Additional Token = Days x 5 equals M3G

For instance, on Day 1, a Tier 1 user minting an NFT receives 15 M3G, combining 10 basic M3G with 5 from the Streak.

On Day 30, the reward skyrockets to 160 M3G, comprising 10 basic M3G and 150 from the Streak.

Streak also applies for daily check-in and NFT minting along with the tiers

III. Leaderboard

Micro3 will create 3 leaderboards: Point, Referral, and Streak, each featuring the top 100 users.

At the end of each month and quarter, users in the top 10 receive attractive rewards.

The leaderboard resets monthly and quarterly.

Top 100 users in the monthly leaderboard receive a protocol fee refund:

  • Top 1: 15% fees refund

  • Top 2 - 10 : 10% fees refund

  • Top 11 - 50: 7% fees refund

  • Top 51 - 100: 3% fees refund

IV/ Micro3 ID: Your Gateway to Exclusive Privileges

1. Bullet-proof Identification

Owning a Micro3 ID provides a unique digital identity, allowing personalization of profiles and the creative minting of NFTs.

2. Protocol Fees Refund

Micro3 ID owners enjoy refunds on protocol fees, contributing to the Micro3 Treasury for ecosystem development. The higher your Micro3 ID Tier, the greater the refund percentage.

3. Array of Benefits

Micro3 ID ownership brings a myriad of benefits, including earning M3G while minting NFTs, regular rewards, profit-sharing in NFT creator earnings, and the potential for future airdrops.

4. Micro3 Tiers: A Path to Enhanced Benefits

Progress through Micro3 Tiers for increased protocol fee refunds and extra M3G:

  • Tier 1: 10% fees refund + 10 M3G

  • Tier 2: 20% fees refund + 20 M3G

  • Tier 3: 30% fees refund + 30 M3G

  • Tier 4: 40% fees refund + 50 M3G

  • Tier 5: 50% fees refund + 200 M3G

And because Micro3's goal is to build a robust community, the earliest released Micro3 ID will receive the best pricing advantages based on the following scale:

This tiered pricing structure is designed to reward early adopters and encourage the growth of a vibrant Micro3 community.

V/ Creating Your NFT Collection on Micro3: A Step-by-Step Guide

Empower your creativity and bring your artistic vision to life by creating your NFT collection on Micro3 with these simple steps:

  1. Connect your wallet to Micro3.

  2. Click the 'Create' button.

  3. Provide collection details: name, image, token chain, etc.

  4. Fill in NFT collection details: cover image, description, price, quantity, etc.

  5. Provide social information for your collection.

  6. Publish your NFT collection and select supported blockchains.

  7. Deploy your NFT collection by confirming the gas fee.

  8. Your NFT collection is ready for minting!

Embrace the future of digital identity and experience the tailored benefits designed exclusively for Micro3 ID owners.

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