FLOPPY is a Decentralized Audio Workstation (DAW) using blockchain technology that encompasses the entire ecosystem of music creation. We provide artist curated sample packs for the community to create music that they can then listen to and sell on our NFT marketplace.

Think Splice, meets Bandcamp, with a custom metaverse MPC (CPU) to help you get from point A to B. We want to grow our community in conjunction with our DAW infrastructure and plugins, fostering a symbiotic relationship between user and platform.

A Conundrum of Creation

Rarely are artists fairly paid for their cultural contributions. Too often the greatest innovators go unnoticed and uncompensated. Elvis Presley is one of the most notorious examples of an artist profiting astronomically from an art form largely pioneered by the poorest in society. This isn’t too say Elvis didn’t add to Rock n’ Roll, but his success far outweighed the arguably more integral contributions of it’s black originators. This illustrates an existential problem that has pervaded cultural art forms for as long as can be remembered.

Audiences are generally unaware of the true origins of the music they consume. It has long been the role of major record labels to present their artists as THE true genius of a style or sound. Never mind the subculture of musicians that gave birth to such an artist, there’s no money in that.

In today’s music industry, this is more prevalent than ever. Penny per play streaming services bankrupt output and leave only large syndicated artists to profit greatly from listening platforms.

Floppy Feedback Loop
Floppy Feedback Loop

A Symbiotic Audio Ecosystem.

We want to highlight and reward both the input AND output of the music being created on chain.

At Floppy, we celebrate and reward the seeds of creation as much as the fruits they bear;  fostering a symbiotic ecosystem that we hope will become an endless feedback loop of production and cultural appreciation. We want the intrinsic value culture — in this case music — to be forever inextricable to what emerges from its infinite potentialities. We aim to not only ACKNOWLEDGE the unsung progenitors of budding cultural paradigms, but make them an INTEGRAL piece of cultural narratives.

Floppy’s Creator First Token Structure

Floppy’s creator -> contributor -> consumer feedback loop begins with episodic artist curated sample packs minted as 1/1 ERC-721 ‘FLOPPY’ NFTs. As each sample is minted, ‘FLOPPY’ holders are both supporting the contributing artist directly, and also populating the DAW with new source material, unlocking the sample to the public. By making our source material public, we are looking to engage musicians outside of the scope of Web3, and provide an egalitarian resource for prospective producers.

Platform Launch Crowdfund Distribution
Platform Launch Crowdfund Distribution

Users that hold ‘FLOPPY’ NFT, will generate our ‘WHITELABEL’ ERC-1155 token, in an uncapped, inflationary token model, in which only so many ‘WHITELABEL‘ exist as have been generated.


ALL users will be able to record on our platform, but in order to mint recordings to our NFT marketplace, a ‘WHITELABEL’ must be burned. When a ‘WHITELABEL’ token is burned, a ‘DUBPLATE‘ 1/1 ERC-721 token is created of the recording and cover art.

A ‘DUBPLATE’ token is the final product of the Floppy assembly line. Every ‘DUBPLATE’ token will be listed on our Crates Marketplace. Users will be able to auction their tokens and listen to songs created on the platform, providing a self-contained playlist of all Floppy material.

Burn to Earn
Burn to Earn

Floppy’s token mechanics serve to emulate the overall vision of our ecosystem. Sampling at its core is rooted in communal collaboration in pursuit of outputting greater works of art. Unlocking a sample is the first step in encouraging contribution and ownership among the community.

The Road Ahead

Going forward we will be featuring many artists, and developing our technology alongside our community. We will be exploring and experimenting with decentralized token models, giving community members governance over various aspects to the platform. We will be developing infrastructure and plugins for our DAW and eventually break from the mold of Floppy V1.0, and allow users to remix all songs from the Crates Marketplace. We are building every aspect of our platform with an eye to future iterations, so that we will be able to seamlessly integrate our database and design to other technologies such as VR and metaverse cross compatibility.

Join the Floppy Discord to participate in our community, and be some of the first to experience the DAW before our public release.

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