Introducing MagicLVL, Your Key to Optimal Returns on BNB Chain!

Abracadabra DAO is thrilled to introduce magicLVL, the latest addition to our robust suite of Magic Autocompounders. This pioneering tool will help users tap into lucrative yields directly on the BNB chain!

magicLVL is an autocompounder developed on top of the Level Finance Tranches System. Each tranche has a set of diverse underlying tokens in varied proportions, which serve as liquidity for Level’s Decentralised Perpetual Exchange. Beyond the yield generated from fees, the Level Finance Staking mechanism distributes LVL incentives across the different tranches, making it an ideal candidate for a Magic Autocompounder!

In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features of our products and illuminate how magicLVL equips users to leverage DeFi applications, unveiling a spectrum of novel yield prospects.

Presenting magicLVL:

After an extended break, magicLVL marks Abracadabra’s grand return to the BNB Chain. As an innovative product, magicLVL prioritizes transparency, security, and efficiency, thereby providing an unmatched autocompounding experience for both DeFi newcomers and veterans.

magicLVL comprises three distinct autocompounders:

  • MagicLVS for Senior Tranches

  • MagicLVM for Mezzanine Tranches

  • MagicLVJ for Junior Tranches

Each of these assets contain diverse underlying tokens, featuring various weights and risk profiles that can be staked into different staking contracts!

magicLVL leverages distinct advantages of the BNB Chain to enable swift transactions and low fees to make it easy for anyone to experiment with the Level DeFi ecosystem. Regardless of which tranche’s LP tokens a user provides, magicLVL will autocompound their earned rewards into more LP tokens, amplifying user returns while minimising user interactions.

magicLVL’s has the same transparent fee structure as Abracadabra’s other autocompounders – a flat 1% protocol fee on LVL earnings!

Stop manually claiming your LVL rewards and start embracing the magic of compounding returns and composability with magicLVL!

Unwavering Commitment to Security and Transparency:

Security is paramount at magicLVL. We implement proven designs that have led to the success of other Abracadabra products, such as MagicGLP and MagicAPE.

Abracadabra ensures users retain full control over their MagicLVL assets while fostering a transparent ecosystem that promotes trust and reliability.

The code for magicLVL is available here.

Effortless Integration and Interoperability:

magicLVL opens up the possibility to create future integrations with other leading DeFi platforms on the BNB chain, fostering interoperability and broadening opportunities for users.

This compatibility enables a comprehensive DeFi experience, where users can seamlessly navigate between various applications, maximizing the full potential of magicLVL, without compromising on the yields generated by the LVL staking rewards.

magicLVL is versatile - use it as collateral, borrow it, trade it, the possibilities are endless!

Abracadabra is looking forward to follow Level in its multichain journey and deepen this partnership on the other chains Level Finance is live on!


Discover the magic of passive income and unleash the power of magicLVL on the BNB chain to maximize your returns and engage with the world DeFi like never before.

Visit to explore the platform and take advantage of the boundless opportunities it presents.

For queries or support, join our vibrant community on Discord, where our team is ready to assist you on your journey.

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