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The world of Web3 is filled with limitless possibilities worth exploring and learning.

At Trantor, we try to unlock new possibilities and break new boundaries. We hope you will embark on this journey together with us.

Trantor in a Nutshell

Trantor is a unified Web3 portal promoting interconnectivity among communities and brands through the issuance of Soulbound tokens and NFTs.

As a one-stop hub for interconnectivity and exchange of information, projects get to advertise and attract new users to build and grow their community and branding. Projects can also reward their loyal users with tokens representing various benefits and utilities that represent their involvement in the project.

To do so, projects, communities and DAOs will be able to create a variety of quests, challenges and activities through customizable 2D templates and/or 3D scenes supported by our platform. It’s really up to the individual projects to determine their use cases. Users will have to complete quests to receive these tokens.

Besides that, we believe these would be the key in helping users to develop a powerful one-stop Web3 profile and Decentralized Identification (DID) that stores all their key experiences, credentials and achievements on the blockchain. With DID, we are able to accurately reward our users with the integration of quest results and on-chain data.

As we continue to provide cross-platform DID support and integrations, we hope to pave the way for future applications and projects to easily access a user’s profile to retrieve key information for account creation and identity verification.

⛓️ Soulbound Token (SBT)

Wonder what Soulbound token actually is? In simple terms, they are basically tokens that bind to your address. They are typically non-transferable and can be used for a whole range of purposes, such as for verification, whitelisting, allocation of future NFT and/or tokens, voting power and much more! If you’re interested in diving deeper, Binance’s Academy does a good job of explaining that.

🕵️‍♂️ Decentralized Identity (DID)

A DID is an emerging concept that gives users control over their own identity on Web3. Users can collect information and credentials of all sorts and store them in a decentralized identity wallet.

Why Trantor?

For Projects/Communities/DAOs:

🚀 Launch Web3 Communities/Projects/DAOs

Are you looking to launch your own NFT project and community?

At Trantor, we believe that anyone should be able to launch their own Web3 NFT projects, even if they are not a developer. Hence, we will provide a set of tools and support to help users develop smart contracts and launch these projects through our platform. Additionally, we’ll continue to support your project(s) through marketing and branding to drive user adoption.

📈 User Adoption through Campaign Engagements

Looking to engage your community while developing your next best feature? Be sure to use our suite of tools to customize and run campaigns and develop quest activities to keep your users engaged with your project while awaiting your next set of features. We believe that frequent running of such campaigns can help to build loyalty and trust among community members as they continue to support the project.

With our suite of tools, you’ll be able to decide on the task that users will have to complete and the Soulbound rewards they would receive upon completion, further rewarding the loyal members of your community.

🌱 Leverage on a Growing Ecosystem

We know how tough it is for projects to acquire new users on their platform. And hence, what better way to leverage on our ecosystem of users and partners to promote your project to a wider audience at Trantor.

Each campaign that you run will be featured on our platform through a variety of ways. Additionally, leverage the resources of our partnered projects to help you launch an exhibition to educate users and/or co-design elements to strengthen your project’s mission. This will help boost your project’s visibility and increase the possibility of new users engaging with your project.

💾 Utilize Data to Drive Change

After running these campaigns, you’ll be able to identify real active users in your community and analyze the effectiveness of running the campaign. This will go a long way in helping you to tweak your strategy moving forward and perhaps, experiment with different campaign settings on our platform to help you achieve better results.

For Users:

🌎 Unified Web3

Decentralization is a wonderful thing in Web3. However, when it comes to learning and screening through projects that you are interested in or invested in, this becomes a challenge.

With Trantor, you get to keep track of your favorite projects on a single platform, while amassing a lifetime of experiences. Earn and store important credentials while gaining quick and easy access to them at your fingertips. You will also gain access to a wide network of users and projects. This will go a long way in helping you to develop meaningful connections that will support your growth in the Web3 space.

🎁 Quests and Earn Rewards

As users, we’re always looking out for new innovations in the Web3 space. The best way to learn and find out more about projects is through the completion of various quests on our platform. While learning, you’ll also get rewarded with soulbound tokens and the perks that come with it. It’s the best way to learn and get rewarded!

🧭 Exploration and Discovery

We believe that Web3 is a journey. And on this journey, you’ll get to explore and discover new interests and passions. We hope to provide a great onboarding experience for Web2 users to learn more about Web3, while also allowing existing Web3 users to discover new projects that they are passionate about with a wide range of filters.

⚙️ Powerful Social Tools

We believe that social tools on Web3 are as crucial, if not more crucial than on Web2. These tools will empower you to share interesting articles, stories and more through their feed.

Additionally, you’ll get to follow top leaders and influencers in the Web3 space to learn more about Web3. The chat function will also allow you to interact with like-minded individuals on a more personal level. Use Emotes, Stickers and more to level-up the way you express yourself. Socializing should be a fun experience for everyone.

🎲 Gamified Profile

We believe the best way to engage users is to make this whole experience a fun, interactive and exciting one! Hence, you will be able to gain experiences (EXP) for completing quests and level up your profile to unlock cool features.

As you continue to be a loyal user of our platform, you will also be rewarded with more options to customize your profile with cool animated backgrounds and avatars. This is in addition to having the flexibility to feature anything you would like to, be it NFTs, Soulbound tokens and/or even badges that you have earned. This will go a long way in helping you to develop your Web3 identity.

Future of Trantor:

We envision Trantor to be an all-in-one super application that will pave the way for Web2 users to join the Web3 army and revolutionize the way people access Web3. Community leaders will be able to access templates and customize their own campaigns, while also providing users with easy access to their profile on Trantor through API. Users will be able to access all Web3 projects and store important credentials on their profile, be it in education, finance, past working experiences, gaming, interests etc.

Just imagine this: With Trantor, you’ll be given the option to login and/or create accounts to access Web2 or Web3 applications that we have partnered with. Any platform can easily access information that you wish to reveal to the public on your profile. And the best part of all this? You own your own data and you can choose to use it however you deem fit, be it to monetize them, apply for jobs, participate in events and much more! With Trantor, there are just endless possibilities on maximizing your data.

Stay tuned for updates:

This is just the beginning. With so much more to come, be sure to follow all our social media platforms to stay afloat on our latest updates and developments.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrantorDAO

Discord: http://discord.gg/ANTMyu8kMw

Mirror: https://mirror.xyz/0x581b230d20892f474Dae8eBe2D8A6bCC2FC01971/

Getting Started

Trantor will be launching on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon in the coming weeks! If you’re a community leader looking for interesting and fun ways to engage your community, be sure to fill in our application form to register your interest.

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