Do I own my article on Mirror?

I feel that I do not have the ownership of the articles that I created on Mirror. Because Mirror is simply a centralized service and it stores my created articles into Arweave(AR) on behalf of me, even without my signature. In this experience, I do not need to have an AR wallet and I do not sense the transaction latency of AR blockchain. It gives me the smoothness of centralized system usage, but I lose the decentralization, a central part of Web3.0 spirit. Without the ownership of my own article, I lose the value associated with it at the same time. I have seen other Web3.0 platforms sharing the same problem.

It is understandable why Mirror takes this approach. It is mainly because the underlying infrastructure, i.e, AR, incurs some weakness on user experience, which is caused by its not-very-advanced ledger technology. Fortunately, this is not an unsolvable problem. The recent Ionian project spreads the vision on the solution through an innovative architecture with elegant design.

It is promising that, with Ionian technology, platforms like Mirror may not need to wrap the mediocre user experience of underlying infrastructure with centralization anymore and be able to return the ownership to users. Once the users really own their data, the value of the data can be extracted and attributed to the owners. We can imagine that the data can be authorized by the owner and require payment for access, and the copyright of the data can be truely protected by the system and exchanged in a booming market.

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