Cosmo DEX - Docs

What is Cosmo ?

Cosmo is a new big ecosystem on Solana Blockchain, which combines the elements of DeFi & NFT. A new DEX platform with a large and diverse range of services.


Cosmo biggest ambition is being Solana's network leading DEX platform.

Cosmo is attempting to eliminate centralized intermediaries and to pave the way for the full decentralization with an ownerless community-driven marketplace which is censorship-resistant and is safe to trade within the Solana ecosystem.

Cosmo users will be able to effortlessly execute smart contract-based trades instantly at a fraction of the cost compared to that of the Ethereum’s network.

We are not a regular crypto exchange platform it is an advanced decentralised exchange that uses artificial intelligence bots, machine learning, and neural network algorithms.


Cosmo will use the high efficiency of the Solana blockchain to achieve faster transactions and significantly lower gas charges.

Cosmo allows market participants to make transactions using liquidity provided by its own pools. It aims to serve trading activities between less traded assets. This feature allows users to swap their tokens without the need of orderbooks while enjoying cheap gas and low trading fees.


CosmoStake works in a rather simple way: You can stake $COSMO & NFTs to earn more tokens. This feature is extremely useful for believers in the project who have the intention of holding $COSMO for a long time.

Instead of leaving $COSMO tokens idle in the wallet, users can stake them and gain various benefits.

Cosmo Pass

Cosmo Pass will give you many new and unique features on Cosmo platform.


  • Participation in Cosmo’s governance.

  • Participation in exclusive private token sales on Cosmo.

  • Partner token’s rewards.

  • Token $COSMO rewards.


Total supply: 100,000,000 $COSMO

You can use this token and NFTs to participate in Cosmo’s governance, meaning you will be involved in the decision-making. Validation staking.

You can also use $COSMO to pay transaction fees, and feed AI bots.

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