eZKalibur Launch is approaching: everything you need to know to be prepared for it.

As eZKalibur Overflow Farming Public sale is coming close to an end, we would like to share with our overwhelming community key information about what is going to happen in the next 48 hours.

As soon as we launched our private and public presales, they both did extremely well. We raised almost 250% of the Private sale hard cap in 24 hours and we are approaching the 100% on our Public Sale with more than 1 day left.

Public sale is still live, you can join here!

We are extremely grateful for your support, but we’re just getting started!

eZKalibur first big leap forward: from Private and Public sales to Liquidity supply and Rewards emissions.

Once the Public sale will come to an end there will be a 24hrs period of preparation for the launch and resulting listing of our native token, $SWORD.

SWORD will be listed on our DEX on the 11th of June at exactly 15:00 UTC. A total of 659.000 $SWORD will be supplied with 214 ETH ( when both hard caps for private and public will be achieved).

The listing Price will be 0.00032469 ETH ( ~0.58$ ).

Once the launch is successfully completed, investors will be able to claim their tokens from the respective Private and Public sale pools.

  • Rewards emissions

Users are able to add liquidity to the existing pools, but they will not provide any rewards at the moment.
Rewards will start being distributed at 15:01 UTC on the 11th of June, immediately after listing. Liquidity providers can stake their LPs in the Farm section in our DApp and start earning rewards, which will be distributed as follows: 80% xSWORD and 20% SWORD.

xSWORD features

As you know, 25% of the Public and Private sales token distribution will be in xSWORD, which represents our non-transferable escrowed token, corresponding to staked $SWORD.

With their xSWORD allocation, users can choose between:

  • Redeem SWORD by staking xSWORD.

    You must consider the following ratio and output rates when redeeming your xSWORD tokens:

  • Minimum duration - 15 days (50% SWORD as output - ratio 0.5:1)

  • Maximum duration - 3 months (100% SWORD as output - ratio 1:1)

  • Stake xSWORD in our Dividends plugin and start earning rewards, which account for 25% of total protocol earnings.

eZKalibur Launchpad

We have some exciting news to share with our community for the upcoming weeks, and we can’t be more proud of the achievements that eZKalibur is accomplishing.

We have a few super solid projects lined up to be incubated and launched on our Launchpad and holders will have the opportunity to increase their allocation by staking their xSWORD tokens. This staking mechanism will allow them to increase their chances of obtaining an allocation in the initial projects launched. We will announce the lock period for staking your tokens to earn a larger Allocation when we release details on the first projects that will be hosted on our Launchpad.

This is just the beginning, so hold on tight and be ready to join our journey to become the leading DEX and Launchpad on zkSync!


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