eZKalibur Launch details: an in-depth look at the core features of the upcoming $SWORD Token Sale.

Villagers & Knights, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived!
eZKalibur Private and Public presale are about to start very soon.
So, gear up and be ready to join our journey to become the leading DEX and Launchpad on zkSync.

Meet the eZKalibur’s Overflow farming launchpad!

What is a ‘Farming Overflow’ sale?

The ‘Overflow’ Method is a fairly new token sale mechanism designed to ensure a fair and efficient allocation of tokens during an initial offering. In the “Overflow” method, users can invest as much or as little as they want in the initial token offering, and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they invest in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the sale ends. Users will receive back any leftover funds when they claim their tokens after the sale.

Farming overflow is our improved launch model that, while maintaining all the classic Overflow benefits such as fairness and transparency carries a substantial improvement: while in the classic overflow models, early bird contributors could not be rewarded for taking on greater risks, in our improved model they will be rewarded! In fact, we will allocate bonus $SWORD tokens for each Private and Public pool.
You will be able to farm and generate extra yield while waiting for the sale to end.

The Overflow basically ensures that every single ETH contributed to the pool generates income until it is returned.

The Farming Overflow not only guarantees the above but also rewards users who invest early by giving them the possibility of farming extra tokens during the whole sale period.

Enhanced Overflow farming details.

eZKalibur will allocate a total of 50.000 $xSWORD towards the Private Presale and Public Sale pools. The tokens will be taken from the ‘Protocol Owned Liquidity’ allocation and distributed as follows:

  • 10.000 $xSWORD in the Private Presale pool

  • 40.000 $xSWORD in the Public sale pool

Private Sale Details

Private presale will be accessible only to Knights and Whitelisted addresses, those who proved to be brave and worthy and have contributed to the development of our community in the early stages. Whitelist spots could be obtained through various events hosted on both Twitter and Discord. $SWORD sold on Private sale will be offered at approximately 20% lower prices compared to the Listing Sale. The sale will last 24 hours.

  • Launch Platform: ezkalibur.com

  • Format: Overflow Farming

  • Start date: June 05 2023 15:00 UTC

  • End Date: June 06 2023 15:00 UTC

  • Purchase token: ETH

  • Hardcap: 90 ETH ( 340.000 $SWORD; 3,4% of Total Supply )

  • Vesting: 100% released on TGE

  • Distribution : 75% $SWORD ; 25% $xSWORD

  • $SWORD Price: 0.00026471 ETH ( ~ 0.47 $ )

  • Maximum Contribution: 10 ETH

  • Overflow Farming Pool: 10.000 $xSWORD

Public Sale details

Unlike private presale, public presale does not have a maximum Contribution.
**The sale will be accessible to anyone, and it will last 72 Hours.
**$SWORD sold on Public sale will be offered at 10% lower prices compared to the Listing Sale.

  • Launch Platform: ezkalibur.com

  • Format: Overflow Farming

  • Start date: June 07 2023 15:00 UTC

  • End Date: June 10 2023 15:00 UTC

  • Purchase token: ETH

  • Hardcap: 490 ETH ( 1.660.000 $SWORD ; 16,6 % of Total Supply )

  • Vesting: 100% released on TGE

  • Distribution : 75% $SWORD ; 25% $xSWORD

  • $SWORD Price: 0.00029518 ETH ( ~ 0.52 $ )

  • Overflow Farming Pool: 40.000 $xSWORD

After the sale

After the Sale, Private and Public sale participants can immediately retrieve any remaining ETH due to the overflow method. ETH can be collected from the public sale page. $SWORD tokens can be redeemed after the public sale has ended. After the public sale, $SWORD tokens can be claimed from the public/private sale launchpad page. If you participated in both the private and public sales, please claim separately from each respective claim page.


SWORD will be listed on our DEX 24 hours after the public sale ends. The listing price will be 10% higher than the Public sale price and 20% higher than the Private sale price.

  • SWORD listing price: 0.00032469 ETH ( ~0.58$ )

More details will be provided in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned!

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