eZKalibur Launchpad: the go-to solution to build and launch on zkSync

eZKalibur Launchpad

Back when we started building eZKalibur, one of the main concerns we had was finding a way to merge 2 products in order to deliver the best possible ecosystem to facilitate the growth of the whole zkSync environment.
If a DEX is something that gives long-term value and trust, on the other hand, a trustable Launchpad is crucial for a chain, especially in the early phase; both for projects who want to bring value to the ecosystem and for investors who need transparency and security.

That’s why are also focusing on the development of our Launchpad with the maximum dedication. 
 We want to be the go-to solution for every phase of a new project, starting from the pre-sale to the post-launch phase.
Our launchpad will initially host these types of sales:

Overflow farming

The Overflow Method Presale is a new token sale mechanism designed to ensure a fair and efficient allocation of tokens during an initial offering.
Farming overflow is our improved launch model that, while maintaining all the classic Overflow benefits such as fairness and transparency it carries a substantial improvement:  while in the classic overflow models early bird contributors could not be rewarded for taking on greater risks, in our improved model they will be rewarded by allocating a specific amount of $SWORD to be distributed towards them.

Basically you will be able to farm while waiting for the sale to end.

Fair Launch

The fair launch model provides a transparent and equal opportunity for users to obtain tokens without having to worry about typical price fluctuations associated with the token listing.
The aim of this model is to ensure that all participants have an equal chance to purchase tokens before they become available on the open market.

Regardless of the timing or amount of their investment, all participants receive a number of tokens worth the same value as their contribution

The token price is determined by this formula:

Price = Total raised / Token Sale supply

FCFS/Whitelist Sale

In this kind of sale, projects are required to set a fixed hard cap and a fixed token price. Based on the launching project, the sale can or can not be open to anyone and possibly require a whitelisting process. Due to the fixed hard cap and token price, the number of participants is also fixed based on the maximum allocation per wallet.

 Farming Fair Launch

 Similar to the classic Fair Launch, the FFL will also benefit the early contributors by High initial APR staking on the percentage of their contribution.
 The APR will decrease as the number of contributors will increase

Benefits of 

 $SWORD Holders


Holding $SWORD tokens will give you benefits in the sales hosted on our Launchpad such as:

  • Participating in the First Phase of the FCFS/Whitelist Sale: our token holders will be able to participate in an early launch phase, with proportioned guaranteed allocation.

  • Discounted price in the First Phase: $SWORD holders will be able to join the sale with an advantageous price (price percentage discount will change based on our agreements with the team we host)

  • Governance: $SWORD holders will have the possibility to vote on what project to launch and the sale method used.

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