Plant seeds Yosleidy - Extraordinary Human! Story  05/20/2022
May 21st, 2022

Yosleidy - Extraordinary Human! Story 

🌱Plant Seeds 🌱 Plant Smiles 

Today, I was delighted to meet Yosleidy. 

In life, there are no coincidences; I believe I needed to meet Yosleidy. My attention went to envelopes which I recognized as seeds. We chatted. Before leaving, I said I would share our verbal commitment on social media. She replied, yes, please tag us. Us is TD Bank. 

Then, I decided to come back and ask if she would sign the seeds envelope, and she was happy to do so and even shared her business card. So I asked if I could tag her as the human who plants Smiles, and she said to tag her on Facebook and Instagram.  

Yosleidy, Our seeds are planted. Today is May 20, 2022. Thank you for being a bright shiny soul. TD Bank is so lucky to have you representing them. 

We have a verbal, written, and on-chain commitment to 🌱Plant Seeds 🌱 Plant Smiles. I imagine a Green Zen City ... ACityZen ... where 1=1.  I am so happy Yosleidy, TD Bank, and I are value-aligned. 

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