Ownership Economy: Produce, Own & Monetize

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There are many things we would like to share with you, but today we will take a deep dive into the ownership economy. Fasten your seat belts, let’s start!

Ownership Economy on Kaira

Content producers can now monetize the value of their content in many different ways, thanks to Web 2! With the start of this value transformation, the concept of the Creator Economy was born.

The Creator Economy is the new way of creating, distributing, and marketing content. It’s a way of doing business that prioritizes the needs of content creators over the needs of advertisers.

This is also known as Web 2 This means that more people are able to use technology to create and share content than ever before. This has led to an increase in jobs for those who work in the creator economy. It allows you to be a part of the creator economy by producing content on platforms such as Medium, OnlyFans, Substack, YouTube, and TikTok.

More than 50 million creators are part of the Creator Economy, which has grown into a $100 billion industry. 29% of children aged 8–12 want to be an influencer, not an astronaut. Gen Z doesn’t want to work 9 to 5 in any company! Who can blame them?

But at the end of the day, monetizing audiences on Web 2 platforms is difficult. Most social platforms do not share the revenue from ads with the content owner. That’s why many creators generate income in different ways; branded deals, product sales, etc. But there is always a middleman to take his cut. We all know this is not fair! Our time and content deserve more than that.

Content monetization methods are completely changing. Thanks to Web3! You are able to get both the ownership and the income arising from this value you produce by converting your content to NFT. Tokenized content, gamified reward systems, royalty fees, and many more new-generation solutions will be the main features of Web3 based social platforms.

Money is being liberated step by step by the adventure that started with Bitcoin. Now, media content has started to turn into a store of value assets with NFTs. You can mint a meme as an NFT and earn a royalty fee as its creator, or turn the interactions of the content you produce into a token reward. I’m sure the second part is familiar to you too ;)

Ownership Economy on Kaira

The ownership economy is a model of an economic system where people own their content and monetization rights. It’s the next step in monetization for creators.

This is also the driving force behind NFTs for ownership of content, which are digital assets that can be traded with other users. In the case of these digital assets, they can be transferred between users without any third-party involvement.

Many people think that NFTs are expensive collectibles, digital art, or famous memes. But NFTs are so much more than that! When you have an NFT, it gives you certain privileges. A social club made up of only people who have that particular NFT is one of them.

We want to provide a common, collective communication platform for these social clubs with Kaira. Because we built the platform as a decentralized social network for Web3 communities and crypto-native people. Web3's decentralized social networks must have a structure where communities and individuals stuck in traditional social networks can get out of the current social media culture.

We’re offering a cost-effective and easy-to-use social media platform with Kaira. The platform creates an environment where users can post their content under relevant discussion topics and earn $KAI tokens while socializing.

Kaira allows you to experience the ownership economy for the media content they produce and the use of social networking on a decentralized, anonymous, and censorship-resistant platform.

Web3 provides new ways of content monetization. Your content is your value and you’ll get rewarded for it! You can check out the Beta version of the platform on Testnet and start there!

The shift is happening already. If you see this blog, you are early!

About Kaira

Kaira is a decentralized social network that helps creators to monetize their content. It is built on the Polygon blockchain, powered by Lens Protocol.

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