Platform Update: ENS Integration
June 2nd, 2022

We are excited to launch ENS integration on our core-platform UX as well on our production API endpoints. ENS is a great way to simplify your identity on the blockchain with people-friendly names instead of 0x… addresses.

When you connect your wallet now on, your ENS is your default onboarding username. You can choose to use your ENS name as your username or have a unique username localised to

We did this to support wallets who do not have an ENS name yet, but would want the same degree of user-friendliness when it comes to profile discovery. Both usernames and ENS names can co-exist in the same interface.

Where do the ENS names show up?

1. On your profile - If you have an ENS name set, it will be displayed by default instead of your wallet address.

ENS name visible instead of wallet address
ENS name visible instead of wallet address

2. On NFT details page - If the NFT owner or NFT minter is not on and has an ENS name set, that is displayed instead of the wallet address:

ENS names showing NFT ownership
ENS names showing NFT ownership

3. Profile discoverability - If you have an ENS name set to your wallet address and your hyype username =/= ENS name, then all 3 links will point to the same entity. For example:

All of the above lead to the same profile page

ENS + Wallet Address + Hyype Username
ENS + Wallet Address + Hyype Username

4. API endpoints - Now it is possible to query lores written by a specific author. Detailed documentation on how to make the query is here . All of these following queries are valid and showcase ens compatibility:

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We are expanding to as many collections as fast as we can. We are actively seeking partners in the NFT community, and if you would like to work together, please join our discord and reach out!


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