Integrating with 🛠️
March 23rd, 2022

Hyype’s mission is to build tools to bring social expression and storytelling to the forefront of the NFT ecosystem.

We are excited to share our first integration with the broader NFT Market Ecosystem. Starting today, all lore from any supported NFT collection on will also be accessible directly on the marketplace.

What is Hyype?

Hyype is a social and content platform for NFT collectors and artists. NFT collectors and artists can share background and stories attached to their NFTs on Hyype. Hyype gives you greater control on displaying your NFT collections, and communicating with communities directly.

What is X?

X is a multi-chain decentralized NFT marketplace that is owned and operated by the X community. Governance is provided by the X DAO with voting rights given to users who have staked their X tokens for the veX governance token. They are a community that celebrates self expression and inclusiveness without any prerequisites to participate.

Why is this significant?

Adding NFT content on is a great way for Artists, Collectors, & Collections to build a world that expands beyond the boundaries of your community. Spotlights on the background and intent behind your most prized NFTs breathe new life into their significance.

It enables others to see the bigger picture and elevates the discovery experience of finding new art and new communities.

What you see today as an NFT helps you enhance the NFT experience with depth

How does it work?

When you share a lore for your NFT on, it’s accessible via our API endpoints to be displayed wherever the NFT and the collections are visible.


Below is an example of how the NFT details with contributed lore looks like on

NFT page on — Tasty Toastys #1179

… & here’s how the lore appears on the NFT pages

NFT page on — Tasty Toastys #1179

This is just the beginning. and are committed to building rich NFT experiences and will continue to work together to make this better by actively listening to the community’s feedback.

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