Hyype X Greta Gremplin: Artist Spotlight
June 11th, 2022
Rekt Noun #1 by Greta Gremplin
Rekt Noun #1 by Greta Gremplin

The following is a recent addition to the @HyypeHQ written interview series. The conversation gives insight into one of the leading CC0 Artists within the Noun Ecosystem, @Greta_Gremplin.

Anaroth: Gm, has Art always been a large part of your life? Or is it something that happened as a result of NFTs?

Greta Gremplin: Since I can remember, I liked to doodle, and I always loved art. While I studied science initially, I later changed my major to design. I had an innate love of the creative process, and I always loved to create Art. I was always the kid that got picked to do the posters for school activities and I doodled incessantly. Instead of listening to my teachers, I was making funny cartoons or caricatures of the teacher.

Greta Mash-Up #24
Greta Mash-Up #24

Anaroth: What is your motivation behind the Greta Mashup Club?

Greta Gremplin: I entered the crypto space because of NFTs, ever since my friend told me about what was happening I found myself fascinated in the space. Being here eventually led me to discover Nouns, and then Noadz, and I found myself hooked on CC0. Collecting didn’t feel like enough at this point and I began to think of doing a collection of my own, a small one, but I didn’t know were to start.

When Greta entered the Twitter space, is was just a prank to Dr.Bullfrug. I thought he needed me, and i’m so in love with him. First for his brains, then for his Adonis body, he toke me by surprise, hypnotized by his manly musk, that scent of swamp, oh dear, I’m getting hot just thinking about it… anyway!

Greta Mash-Up #10
Greta Mash-Up #10

I started doing some quick sketches with mash-ups from the Noadz holders and they absolutely loved it. The confidence in their reaction led me to ask if I should make a collection and the community again showed me incredible support and encouragement. Special thanks to Mr.Noadz who helped me a lot, although at first he didn’t trust me because I am so madly in love with his enemy Dr.Bullfrug. The Noadz community was so supportive that I gave the first MashUps as free mints, and thus began the collection of Mash-Ups.

I’m still very excited by the possibilities, and friendships this project brought. My goal is the same, keep doing weird and mad things and help CC0 collections thrive. One of my goals with this collection is to be a compendium for all CC0 collections, while also exploring and showing the extreme power of CC0. With CC0 the possibilities are endless, and if one of us thrives we all grow.

Greta Mash-Up #43
Greta Mash-Up #43

Anaroth: Do you find yourself thinking about future career opportunities differently since you entered NFTs?

Greta Gremplin: Yes, but i will always do what i’m doing now. I love my IRL work, although since covid, and because i’m a freelancer, its more difficult to get a steady income.

Anaroth: What has been one of your proudest moments in your Art career? What did you learn from that process?

Greta Gremplin: Every day someone contacts me for a piece, i’m proud. Every piece I create I learn. However, the proudest moment I had was when Dr. Bullfrug acknowledge my work. it was so sexy! To have the person that inspired you to join the space acknowledge my work meant a lot. The second moment I feel very proud of was when Sr. Noadz invited me to do a 1/1 for his collection. I really enjoyed being able to give back to the community.

Greta Mash-Up #39
Greta Mash-Up #39

Anaroth: Where do you get your Artistic inspiration from? Who are some people in the space you look up to and why?

Greta Gremplin: I get my inspiration on CC0 from Mother Fucking Master Excellent Super Gremplin. Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time, Gumball and other oldies like Samurai Jack, Rugrats, and a bunch more all serve as a source of inspiration. While I don’t feel like I know a lot of people in the NFT space, I have immense respect for the Nouns, Cryptoadz, Noadz, and there’s a lot more i like and follow. All i can say is Dr.Bullfrug is the best and I love him!

(if you are reading this… baby tonight is the night ;))

Anaroth: What is some of the best advice that you have been given from someone in the NFT space? What advice would you give to someone entering the space now?

Greta Gremplin: Be careful anddon’t trust every link. Do you due diligence and double check twitter handles… and then double check again. Only follow Me, Dr. Bullfrug, and Hyype (so you can read this amazing interview) the other things aren’t so important.

Greta Mash-Up #52
Greta Mash-Up #52

Anaroth: What are you currently working on that would would like people to know about?

I have plans to release a limited collection based off of the Rekt Cats from the Dippening of 2021. I also look to bring noun culture into current events and the market conditions led me to the idea of creating Rekt Nouns. No one has seen all of them yet, the first was raffled away to a Greta Mash-Up owner to continue to support and thank those that have supported me, the others will be auctioned off starting at .1 Eth over the coming days and weeks. As I said before, I fell in love with CC0 and the nouns ecosystem, and enjoy being able to focus my work to bring more attention to collections I love. Also no promises, but I have seen the Lil Nouns… and they have my attention, I don’t know what that will turn into, but I see you Lil Nouns.

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