Introducing API & tools
March 23rd, 2022

Public APIs to build Lore driven experiences right into your apps & websites — Reach out to team over discord for any questions and support

Over the last month, has grown to support 25+ communities to tell stories about their NFTs in an elegant user experience. We continue to work on shipping large improvements to lore discovery and also build core social features for communities to connect with each other.

We wanted to make it easier to display lore created by communities on existing websites and platforms. That’s why we’re launching the first set of public APIs and tools which allow you to directly integrate Lore in your existing UX.

What can you do with it? 🤔

The APIs currently enable you to:

  • Fetch all the Lore contributed towards a particular NFT within a collection.
  • Display all the Lore content of a specific Lore including all the relevant media.

And what’s next? 💻

We will be focusing on the following to continue building out our toolkit:

  • Deeper Discord integration (Lore bots) for community servers.
  • NFT series / Collection level APIs.
  • SDKs. *

Our Docs will be the main place to stay up-to-date with ongoing improvements. We have a dedicated developers channel to ask questions and make suggestions. We’re thrilled to see what you build with it.


Don’t see your NFT community listed on 👀

We are expanding to as many collections as fast as we can. We are actively seeking partners in the NFT community, and if you would like to work together, please join our discord and reach out!


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