Hyype & Yeetpizza: Artist Spotlight
March 23rd, 2022

Below is an amended write up of the interview from the January 28th Spaces with @Yeetpizza. She is the founder of the upcoming project @adorablecados, Web3 artist, and web accessibility advocate. Read below to discover pivotal moments, successes, and tips from her career.

Anaroth: Tell us a little about who you are and how you started your journey here in web3?

Yeetpizza: To touch on my journey, and how I got here, it started with oil paining around 14 years old. I was going to this art studio every Saturday for 2 hours, not so much an art class but a free space and time for me to just be me. Could tune out my brain for those two hours every Saturday and it was a

beautiful thing. It was one of those things that my Mom signed me up for and just fit and clicked.

I actually hadn’t gotten into digital art until more recently, and @thesoftestrock is actually the one that introduced me to NFTs. I thought to myself, I should start again! I distinctly remember opening ProCreate and looking at that blank slate and not knowing what to do…

I thought to myself, if I want to start making art again, what do I want my brand to be? My Theme? I thought about artists that I really liked in the space at the time @Lurklovesyou and @Ghxsts their stuff was super inspiring.

When I think about my growth as an artist, not gonna lie, I have some art pieces that I look at and I’m just like “Cringe” but at the time it feels like something great! But it represents that we are growing, and we get better at what we do when we practice the work we do.

Anaroth: You mentioned this moment, where you opened ProCreate and felt this powerful obstacle in front of you. For a lot of people, just knowing where to start is a big obstacle. Can you share how you go about approaching a project for yourself and professionally.

YeetPizza: When it’s for me, I always like to start with cars or machinery. The reason why is its just curves, angles, basic circles and squares. I think sometimes drawing animals or people, our perspective when we put it down on paper or digitally is so skewed. “A hand is supposed to like like this” and it just comes out all weird. Doing my own personal stuff is Much more difficult. It takes much longer.

On a team, for example right now I am working on Adorable Avocados. I didn’t actually come up with Avocados, but when the team presented it I was like yea, I can make this work. That’s the benefit of collaboration, and when you think about traits and how deep you can go there, it’s helpful to have a group of people with you. I find also that if you are flowing about creativity, personally or professionally, it’s so important to just get it out.

Adorable Avocados

Anaroth: As an artist and illustrator people often try and convey to you what they see in their imagination. What advice do you have for writers that would allow for the truest representation of their vision?

Yeetpizza: References, 100% References. When I am stuck on something, like if I wanted to draw a Hippo, I have to have a reference. I actually go on Pinterest a lot, whatever it is I’m looking for I Pinterest it, and get tons of different perspectives. It is so important for the writer to have those references to give to the artist. If you don’t, you are just shooting in the dark. Like is it a realist hippo? Surreal? Cartoon? There’s so many perspectives so please come ready to share your vision.

Anaroth: I am a firm believer that we don’t celebrate our wins often enough. When you think about your career, what are you most proud of?

Yeetpizza: Sure, and this is where my imposter syndrome kicks in, I think I am still working on celebrating my wins. But one of the things I have been most excited to work on in my art journey is @EthaliensNFT. I was asked to make banners for @ArtMcArty and when she reached out to me to see if I wanted to do it, I was CHEESIN, I was so excited. When she asked me I was so excited, because that project is so big, its the biggest project I’ve worked on so that was very gratifying. To see her post tweets about the banners I made, its so sweet.

Anaroth: I think that’s such a genuine feeling that people in web3 can create for others. The willingness to just say, hey your work is amazing, can go a really long way. You also mentioned that you have sold some of your own art? That’s a huge win!

Yeetpizza: Yea haha, I do remember the first time someone purchased my art, I was checking my email and its like your item sold! I was like what?! Mine? Really? It’s funny, I am texting all my family and friends “My Shit Sold! Lets Goooooo!

Anaroth: It is exciting! I feel like once you get that sold notification in web3 everything just becomes a little more tangible. Every artist deserves to have the feeling that they are sought after because someone likes their work. What’s one more win you think you have right now?

I mean, I know it’s going to be a win, I am working on the @AdorableCados. The art is in process, this is my baby. I have been in other projects, but it is so much fun to know that this is my own, this is my work, and I get to showcase that. So when I work on it time just goes by so fast, because it’s mine. I am super excited, I’m bullish on it, we’ve been showing some sneak peaks in Alpha & Chill Episodes.

Anaroth: You should be bullish about your own project, and you know you say you are future bullish. But again the amount of people that are involved in NFT’s is small. You take the smaller percentage of that, that’s actually taking the time to build their own project, even smaller. So give yourself the win of taking the challenge and actually doing it. Because that’s a lot more than what the majority of people have already done.

Yeetpizza: Yes! I am so happy you said that, I really appreciate that. This is the only space where people get that. The holidays just passed and being with family and I do art and NFTs but they don’t really understand. Even the first time I mentioned it, and no one asked to see my art! I was like “I’m Dead!” I was so sad. But I do really appreciate that you said all that, because it’s that realization that having a shared idea with someone that gets it… I’m thankful for that. Thank you.

Anaroth:** **How has the popularity of NFTs changed your life, and what advice would you give.?

Yeetpizza: Im scared to answer this one haha. Honestly, it has been pretty hard. I sleep less, I eat less, it encompasses all of my time. I am obsessed with it. While its kind of taxing on my entire life, it is the most fun I’ve ever had. It is a wild ride. When I am into something I am obsessed, I am all in. The blinders go on and I zone in on it, but that’s also how we get good at the work we do. I guess my advice is find balance.

Anaroth: What’s the best advice you have gotten?

Yeetpizza: Interestingly enough, last night in the Alpha and Chill conversation about what cut Artists deserve within a project. I realized I need to value my art more, in my head I may have thought I’m just the art, I’m expendable. But i know I have a voice and I need to use it more. As far as what you can do, even as something as simple as a retweet, when people retweet my artwork, my heart skips a beat! It means something!

Anaroth: It totally means something. Yeetpizza, thank you for coming out and sharing your perspectives today. We wish you all the best with the adorable avocados and keep remembering to celebrate your wins. If you are an artist that is looking to share your story, feel free to reach out to me directly @AnarothsNFT on Twitter so we can see if a feature on Write Way is a good fit.

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