Platform Update: Collection page improvements - Lore tag filters, Recently active NFTs
May 12th, 2022

Discoverability and recognition are at the heart of Hyype. In this latest update we’ve made it easier to know who in the community is participating, and the types of Lore being created. The change allows collections to recognize those that are adding content and depth to a community with ease.

Recently active & Most lored NFTs

When visiting the NFTs tab within the collection page you will be able to see those that have been active on the first-fold of your webpage.

Forest Spirits Collection -
Forest Spirits Collection -

This showcases the NFTs that have contributed content about them recently in a collection. This will automatically update to display the 10 most recent entries.

As you scroll further below, you are greeted by the All NFTs segment. These NFTs are sorted by “Most Lored” but you can change that to display All NFTs to find the one you are specifically looking for.

All NFTs
All NFTs

For those with larger collections there is a built-in search in the widget that allows you to easily look up a certain NFT by its token ID or token name within the collection.

Filtering Community Lore (by tags)

On the Collection Lore tab, you can now see a dropdown filter of tags. Simply select the type of lore you are interested in viewing, and it will show in the feed.

There are a variety of lore types NFT holders within a community can add to their NFTs. They range from backstories & collector statements to media rich instances like commissioned derivatives. Now it’s possible to filter out only the type of content you want to see!

Lore tags like Backstory, Collector statements etc are default
Lore tags like Backstory, Collector statements etc are default

For Collections: It is possible to create custom lore tags to build out factions, manage story arcs, lore contests etc with your community and organize your evolving content tree. Learn more about managing tags in our docs.

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We are expanding to as many collections as fast as we can. We are actively seeking partners in the NFT community, and if you would like to work together, please join our discord and reach out!


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