Hyy.pe raises $2 Mn in a follow-on funding round to build a social storytelling platform
March 23rd, 2022

Elevation Capital leads the funding round alongside other incredible angels

Hyy.pe has raised $2 Mn in its latest funding round led by Elevation Capital, with participation from many strategic angels (see below) — a group of builders, creators, operators, and stewards of crypto & web3. As a collective group — our investors bring in a plethora of experience & expertise in web3, social, Defi, NFTs, messaging, blockchain, and much more. Previously, we had raised $1.5 Mn from Electric Capital (announced recently).

What is Hyy.pe?

In the absence of a specialized platform, NFT communities connect via Discord and Twitter for their interactions. There is whitespace for dedicated platforms that equips collectors and artists with tools to share their stories in a social manner.

Hyy.pe is building a social network where NFT creators and owners have the freedom to establish their art collection as their identity. Hyy.pe is building a platform for NFT communities to connect, share stories, and collaboratively build their history.

Here are a few things which Hyype enables you to do:

Creating your own curated tribes or groups you can augment your identity with

Telling a backstory that enriches your NFT as a character with it’s own personality …

Sharing a special moment that helps you connect with current cultural zeitgeists

While the collectors can change, those stories will continue living side-by-side with the NFTs themselves in an elegant timeline on Hyy.pe.

Why us?

As Founders, Scott and I have been avid collectors ourselves and we’ve always wanted to talk about why certain NFTs were important to us, why they mattered, their significance, etc. Together, our mission has been to build Hyy.pe as an exclusive platform for NFT owners to engage in new forms of social interactions and community engagement. With the new capital, we will be growing the core team to strengthen the platform and are excited to find people who would be willing to join us on that mission.

What’s next…

We’re excited to share more details as the platform launches tomorrow. We have been humbled by the support so far and if you’re looking to work on disrupting the world of social interactions with us — we’re hiring, let’s talk!

More resources:

Hyype’s investors


  • Electric Capital
  • Elevation Capital


  • Santiago R Santos
  • Cuy Sheffield (Visa)
  • Deepak Menon (Microsoft)
  • Farid Ahsan (ShareChat)
  • Meltem Demirors (CoinShares)
  • Beaniemaxi
  • Kenneth Ng
  • Alex Svanevik (Nansen)
  • Matt Kalish (Draftkings)
  • Trent Elmore (JPG Protocol)
  • Maria Paula Fernandez (JPG Protocol)
  • Calvin Spears
  • Will Price
  • Mariano Conti
  • Evan Silverstein
  • Chris Hutchison
  • Andy Chorlian (Fractional Art)
  • David Hoffman (Bankless)
  • Ryan Adams (Bankless)
  • Zak Cole (Slingshot)
  • Zach Bruch (Manna Research)
  • Chris Hermida (Manna Research)
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