Today's remembrance “self-contained ring”!

On the morning of 15 May, a day came over witches, witches, jungles, etc., and the Sun was wearing a ring, as was the beauty of young girls, with a number of friends of the network.

What kind of natural phenomenon, and how?

Upstream journalists have learned that arsenic, also known as the rainbow, is an atmosphere-based photovoltaic phenomenon that is shaped by sunlight through clouds in the troposphere and by reflagging or reflection. When wire is launched into the ice crystals in the clouds of the volcano, it is divided into colours in different directions.

The day began at around 9 a.m. and as of the date of publication of the press, the day has continued.

Experts expressed the view that if the clouds of the air disperse, it would disappear. Daily chewings can not be seen for long periods of time in order to avoid bruising the eye.

Upstream journalists Chen Bamboo Correspondent


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