ACQR - Connecting web3 users to web3 protocols

What is ACQR?

We’re building an on-chain marketing and user acquisition platform with tools that make it easy for web2 & web3 projects to bootstrap their community - from discovery to onboarding at scale.

ACQR aims to help web3 protocols build more sustainable networks, acquire more users, structure effective marketing campaigns, and give projects more token utility through effective on-chain tools that incentives participation and education rather than speculation.

On-chain credentials, rewards, and tasks open the possibilities for us to build tools that give protocols a chance to answer their community’s dying question - “wEn MaRkEting?”

On the other hand, we’re providing a platform where new and old web3 users can come and acquire new skills from leading protocols in web3.

Why Now?

We’re witnessing an explosion of new protocols in crypto & web3 - from NFTs, DeFi, Trading, and more. A lot of these protocols are founded by amazing builders but unfortunately, many will also be forgotten.

However, there are similar issues that many of these protocols are facing -

  • Lack of effective marketing campaigns
  • Inefficient user acquisition strategies
  • Too many spectators than participants
  • Lack of token utility

Web3 projects also cannot fully utilize web2 marketing - user data, user targeting (and retargeting), paid social ads, and more. This limits the exposure that these projects can get.

ACQR Is The Ultimate Tool For Web3 Protocols

ACQR utilizes both off-chain and on-chain credentials & tasks to build effective campaigns that help web3 protocols with marketing as well as user acquisition and onboarding.

By combining known tactics and strategies from web2 and a crypto-native toolkit from web3, we can help web3 protocols build effective campaigns to guarantee protocol usage and adopt new users.


ACQR will provide a platform where users can acquire “Missions” from different leading web3 protocols and acquire skills by completing simple off and on-chain tasks related to the protocol.

Best of all, web3 users will be rewarded for their participation.

Missions can help a web3 user -

  • Acquire new skills in web3
  • Actively participate in web3 protocols by completing tasks.
  • Get educated on how certain protocols work and function.
  • Get access to early rewards (tokens / NFTs, etc)
  • Become a part of web3 communities

Custom Campaigns

Not only can web3 protocols build custom missions, but we also easily allow on-chain contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes. These specific campaigns can be changed based on each protocol’s goals. Whether that is from the early stages of onboarding early community members or acquiring active users for your dApp, we’ve got you covered.

Similar to Missions, these are custom campaigns where protocols can create fun and exciting campaigns where rewards have endless possibilities such as NFTs, Tokens, Whitelist Allocations, and more.

Users will have to complete specific on-chain and off-chain tasks that enable protocol usage while also growing their communities on Twitter and Discord while encouraging protocol usage.

ACQR enables protocols with or without a marketing team to set up fun, engaging campaigns that -

  • Jumpstart community growth
  • Onboard new users at scale
  • Acquire more of the right users
  • Enable protocol usage and growth
  • And easily set up marketing campaigns without any marketing knowledge.

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