Bandit Network and Unstoppable Domain join forces to make Web3 Identities mainstream

Introducing Unstoppable Domain

Unstoppable domain is a platform that is based on blockchain technology and enables users to buy, sell, and use cryptocurrency domains. It is a censorship-resistant and secure web3 domain registry that is managed by smart contracts, and it gives users complete control over the domains that they register.

While a normal domain like will go ahead and open up the YouTube website in your browser, Unstoppable Domain does much more than it.

How Unstoppable Domain works

Unstoppable Domains are based on the Crypto Name Service (CNS) - A set of Ethereum smart contracts that govern the creation and utilization of blockchain domains. Each CNS domain is issued as a non-fungible ERC-721 token (NFT). 

Consequently, each domain is a unique, immutable asset that can be stored, traded, or transferred on the blockchain.

The Benefits of Unstoppable Domain

Private by default

Unstoppable domain uses blockchain technology to create a Decentralized DNS system that is private by default. This means that your domain name is not tied to your personal information and a user can remain anonymous if they choose to be.

Zero Renewal Fees

Purchasing a traditional .com domain requires a yearly renewal fee, which is inconvenient; it's equivalent to renting a domain for 1, 5, or 10 years by paying a recurring upfront fee. Unstoppable Domains, on the other hand, are purchased once and owned in perpetuity. There are no recurring charges or any other hidden costs.

Helps Build a Decentralized Website

Unstoppable Domains make it easier to create a website on web3. You can create a simple portfolio website using pre-made templates, or you can create your own NFT gallery to showcase all of your NFTs. IPFS, a decentralized cloud storage solution, is used for file storage.

Smooth Crypto Payments

If you own an Unstoppable Domain, you no longer need to worry about your cryptocurrency transactions failing or, worse, getting your crypto lost in the vast sea of blockchains. Once connected to your wallet address, an Unstoppable Domain can be used to receive more than 250 coins easily.

Ownership of Identity on Web3

Unstoppable Domain is the perfect way to control your identity on the web. With Unstoppable Domain, you have total control over your personal information and identity.

Types of Domains you can purchase

Following are the types of blockchain domains that can be purchased with Unstoppable Domains:

  • .nft

  • .wallet

  • .bitcoin

  • .888

  • .dao

  • .blockchain

  • .crypto

  • .x

  • .zil

What the Future Holds for Crypto Domains

The world of cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving; with it, the landscape of blockchain domains is also changing. In the past year alone we’ve seen a surge in the number of new domain registrations, and an increase in the number of companies and individuals using these domains to transact on the blockchain.

Unstoppable domain is a very interesting technology and is one of the first that has the potential to supercharge identities on the web3. The future of blockchain domains with Unstoppable Domains does seem bright.

What does Bandit and Unstoppable Domain partnership bring to the Web3 ecosystem?

Unstoppable Domains, the Web3 domain provider and identity platform, and Bandit Network, the NFT Mint Aggregator with the goal of becoming the largest truly decentralized platform, have partnered to bring the power of Web3 identity to each member of Bandit's decentralized Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform.

Through the partnership, all 30,000 Bandit users will receive a free Unstoppable domain, such as sandesh.nft, which they can use to log in and access their user profile on the site.

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