BOB⚡️DeFi 🖐 5

5 quick hits on the latest integrations, partnerships, and advancements happening in the 🌏 of BOB & DeFi.

1) BOB on Arbitrum

Last week we announced BOB on Arbitrum. BOB stablecoin is now on 5 chains and can be traded, swapped, and bridged between Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Be on the lookout for some upcoming Arbitrum integrations coming soon!

2) All Things Wombat

Did we say soon? We meant now! Wombat is launching on Arbitrum and BOB is joining the party 🥳. Check out Wombat exchange where you can swap and stake your favorite stables

Want a boost? BOB holders can boost rewards by providing liquidity for Wombat through the boosted BOB pool on Wombex.

On Magpie

And on Quoll!

3) Welcome to the Velodrome

We’re super excited to announce BOB on Velodrome! Velodrome is the leading trading and liquidity marketplace on Optimism. BOB pools are already getting deep 🏊🏼

4) KyberSwap 💪

The latest BOB KyberSwap campaign is moving full steam ahead🚊. We had a great AMA with the KyberSwap crew Wednesday on Twitter spaces where we answered community questions about liquidity, upcoming plans, and BOB borrowing. Don’t miss out on this trading campaign, you can still participate and win but only for the next few days!

Also, interested 🧑‍🌾 should visit the Polygon and OP KyberSwap farms for some healthy BOB harvests!

5- BOB CDP Sneak Peek

Speaking of borrowing BOB, the BOB CDP app is almost ready! Once live, you will be able to use a curated selection of Univ3 LP positions to mint and borrow BOB from your LPs. As we finish the final touches, check out this sneak peek 👀 👀 👀

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