What’s New with zkBob

Hello BOB and zkBob friends!

A few updates we wanted to share with you on the latest zkBob happenings.

We hope you are enjoying the optional privacy zkBob brings to the BOB stablecoin.  If you have any issues or feedback while making private transfers you can always fill out a canny request and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Subscribe to receive the latest updates in your email and follow us on twitter for regular news.

What’s New with zkBob

zkBob updates and improvements are ongoing, which often result in new functionality added to zkBob. We’ve incorporated a What’s New feature to help you navigate these changes. If you haven’t seen it yet, when you open the application you’ll be presented with a popup that runs through the latest features. You can also skip and get right to the app. We’ll add in items whenever a new release impacts zkBob functionality.

Compliance and AML

We support responsible privacy for all users. To do this, some measures need to be in place to prevent illicit funds from entering the zkBob pool. We’ve teamed up with TRM to ensure that suspicious wallets cannot send funds to zkBob, and funds cannot be withdrawn to suspicious wallets. This creates a safer atmosphere for all honest users. More about TRM and our collaboration is available in this announcement.

Kyberswap Campaign Wrapping Up

We’re in the final days of the inaugural Kyberswap campaign, but it’s not too late to join! You receive an exclusive Galxe NFT for participating and have a chance to win one of 64+ KNC prizes. The project trading grant program ends on 5 Feb, so enter soon! 

Fill out a simple survey, win $100 BOB!

Follow this link to take the survey ➡️ https://airtable.com/shrdAiBS3B9UXiY1R

Example Survey Questions
Example Survey Questions

Calling all zkBob users! Your feedback is vital to improving our platform. We've been hard at work adding new features and enhancements since our beta launch 4 months ago, and now we want to hear from you.

Take our survey to let us know how you're enjoying zkBob and where we can improve. Plus, by leaving your zkAddress, you'll be entered for a chance to win 100 $BOB tokens! 

Follow this link to take the survey ➡️ https://airtable.com/shrdAiBS3B9UXiY1R

Your participation is completely anonymous, but by leaving your zkAddress, you'll have the chance to be one of five randomly selected winners of 100 $BOB tokens.

See you at EthDenver

We’re very excited for our EthDenver sponsorship and chance to introduce zkBob to a wide audience of enthusiastic devs and blockchain users! We will have bounties for hackathon participants who incorporate zkBob into their projects, and can’t wait to see what is developed. If you are in Denver, please stop by our booth and say ✋ ! Mention you read this update on Mirror or Paragraph and we’ll save some special swag for you!!

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