Betswirl integrates BOB!

Smart-contract enabled bets provide safety and fun for friends! Fund collection is automated, decentralized, provably fair and trustless, while straightforward rules provide upfront clarity for everyone. Add in privacy options with stablecoin support, and you’ve got a winning combination. Betswirl + BOB = 🌀🔥🙌

Betswirl recently integrated BOB to their application on both Polygon and BNB, and just announced a new Arbitrum One deployment on the way.

The first BOB integration is with the ‘Russian Roulette’ game on Betswirl. In this game, the host starts by selecting a number of parameters. They set the number of seats at the table, the number of seats that remain at the end, the buy-in amount and token type, and the closing date.

Host screen for setting up a Russian Roulette Table
Host screen for setting up a Russian Roulette Table

Depending on the parameters, one or a number of participants are left standing at the end, and split the pot. The host also gets a small portion of the pot for setting up the game, with remaining fees going to the protocol.

The host can share the link privately with friends or open up the table and share the link with anyone to participate. This is a simple shared link that takes a participant directly to the table buy-in. All they need to do is connect their wallet, approve the amount, join the round, and hope for the best!

The experience is seamless, and the addition of BOB gives users a dollar-like token they can use for games of chance and skill. BOB also provides privacy options when used with zkBob. Players can break the link between their holding wallets and their playing wallets, providing additional safety and anonymity for games when desired.

Using BOB with zkBob is also easy, and can be done on either side of a Betswirl bet.

Anonymity before using Betswirl

If you purchase BOB on a decentralized exchange, you can first deposit it to zkBob to provide additional privacy for your funds.

To start, go to the app and connect your Web3 wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect to create a zkAccount (you can also create a fresh zkAccount without a Web3 wallet).

Once created, you can deposit BOB directly to your zkAccount. You can then transfer some BOB to your friends if they want to play Betswirl with you, or if you want to use your own BOB on Betswirl, withdraw a portion of your BOB directly to a new wallet address on Polygon. This can be a brand new wallet, or a secondary wallet without a history of your prior purchases or holdings to preserve anonymity. 

You can then play on Polygon, or bridge your BOB to BNB or Arbitrum if you’d prefer to play Betswirl there.

Anonymity after using Betswirl

If you win some BOB on Betswirl, you can deposit it into your zkBob zkAccount after your win. This makes sense if you prefer to keep your winnings private from other blockchain users or if you’d like to send a portion of your winnings to other zkBob friends. If you are playing on Polygon, you can deposit directly. Or you can bridge your BOB to Optimism and deposit there, the choice is yours! 

Either way, it’s easy to use BOB on Betswirl while protecting your winnings and preserving your privacy!

Give BOB a try on Betswirl with your friends on Polygon and BNB, and look for the Arbitrum One announcement soon!

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