Recent News & Updates January 2023

Hello BOB and zkBob friends!

BOB and zkBob have been growing by leaps and bounds 🦸‍♂️ over the past several months. It’s easy for news to get lost in the eternal scroll, so we’ll highlight some recent achievements in one convenient place.

We hope you are enjoying the optional privacy zkBob brings to the BOB stablecoin.  If you have any issues or feedback while making private transfers you can always fill out a canny request and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Subscribe to receive the latest updates in your email.


✅ New major zkBob release
✅ ChainSecurity completes security audit of BOB and zkBob contracts
✅ Kyberswap BOB trading contest is live
✅ Multiple integrations announced
✅ BOB and zkBob usage on the rise
✅ 2 minutes to privacy: a video intro to zkBob

🆕 Major zkBob Releases

ZkBob is made up of multiple components. In the latest release on January 2nd, updates were made to the relayer (v2.2.0), UI (v1.0.0), and JS library (v1.2.1). These updates included an integration with Li.Fi, support for ID functionality, and faster sync. For more information on the upgrades and how they improve zkBob functionality, see the release notes at

New releases are occurring on a regular basis as we continue to make improvements to the application. The next release is scheduled on Monday, January 16th at 12:00 UTC. The upgrade can take several hours, though it is typically much faster. During that time zkBob will not be available. We will send out a reminder before the update.

New Li.Fi component integrated in the latest release
New Li.Fi component integrated in the latest release

🔐 Security Audit Completed

ChainSecurity delivered their final audit report on January 5, 2023 covering the zkBobPool, BOBToken, and BobVault contracts along with relevant dependencies. We worked closely with the ChainSecurity team to address potential issues and are happy to report we’ve corrected or accepted risks for all findings from the report.

Based on the findings the working governance group has updated and released v1.0.0 of the BOB and zkBob protocol contracts. For more information on this multi-sig process and what updates were completed, see this post in the zkBob docs.

🥇 Kyberswap $BOB Trading Contest

Want to maximize your BOB trading experience? Kyberswap announced a unique month-long initiative to reward $BOB traders. It’s simple to register and start swapping any tokens with $BOB to qualify.

Trade now!

🎉Multiple integrations announced

Integrations in the past 2 months include:

📈 BOB & zkBob on the rise

View the latest usage statistics for BOB and zkBob on our Dune Analytics Dashboards.

📺 2 minutes to privacy: A zkBob Video

Want to share something to introduce new zkFrens to zkBob? Share this fun video! It walks you through using zkBob for easy, private & stable transfers in under 2 minutes!

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