5🖐 Fast⚡️Facts: Latest Updates from the BOB Protocol

1) BOB Landing Page

The BOB website is here! A landing page dedicated to BOB stablecoin is now available at http://bob.zkbob.com

2) Bridging with BOB

BOB is on 5 🖐 chains (that’s right, BOB is now on Arbitrum!), and it’s easy to bridge BOB to your chain of choice with Jumper exchange by Li.Fi.


Igor joined luminaries in the space including Andre Cronje, Mudit Gupta and more on 2 panels at EthDubai to discuss security and the latest in zk advancements! Watch them below ⬇️

Security Panel: Starts at 9:05:05

zk Panel: Starts at 7:57:55

4) Getting to know BOB

Get to more about BOB at https://dappback.com/zkbob.

It’s easy to earn your first NFT by completing simple tasks which help you get to know BOB. Things like watching a quick video, following BOB on Twitter, visiting our website and reading our blog! Simple and fun, check it out.

5) BOB Trading Campaign PT 2!

The first Kyber trading campaign was a runaway success, and it’s time for pt 2! If you participated last time, you know the ropes so get to it! If you’re new to trading campaigns, it’s a fun one to start trading with stables. Sometimes the sequel is better than the original… find out here

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