From Vevue to V & VUE

V Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m excited to share some significant updates we’ve made in 2023.


December 2023: After a year of diligent work, we quietly relaunched the app from scratch, introducing it with a fresh domain at The app has been streamlined, removing many previous features to lay a solid foundation. This allows us to reintegrate features as fully on-chain smart contracts, enhancing security and performance.

From Vevue to V:

V symbolizes our foundational platform—a canvas for innovation and community-driven development where products and features can continuously evolve. The name 'Vevue', a portmanteau inspired by our original focus on 'video reviews', represents our past and a feature that remains integral to our play-to-earn economy. While 'Vevuing' evolves into a specific feature, it will always be a core part of 'V', reflecting our commitment to user engagement and creativity. Our existing domain now plays a role informing the public about our Security Token VUE.

V Platform Relaunch Key Features:

User Profiles: Utilization of blockchain wallet addresses for login and user profiles.

VPAY Transactions: Users can acquire 100 VPAY tokens with just 1 MATIC.

Interactive Paywalls: Users can pay paywalls, as well as upvote (lollipops) or downvote (eggs) content using VPAY.

Direct Payments: VPAY spent on content goes straight to the uploader’s wallet.

Progressive Web App (PWA): Enhanced user experience across all devices.

Introducing Our Growth and White Label Tiers:

Connection Tier (Free): 10 GB of uploads. (approximately 20, 5 minute videos)

Growth Tier ($9/month): 200 GB of uploads

White Label Tier ($100/month): up to 3 TB of uploads, featuring Channel branding and domain name.

Smart Contracts in Development:

Splitter: Enables video payment splitting with collaborators.

Bounty Challenges: Engage with our community challenges, example here.

Multi-sig Accounts: Facilitates group accounts with shared access and control.

Try Our Refreshed Platforms:

Website Landing page:

Product Access:

  • Desktop: Fully functional

  • Android: PWA operational

  • iPhone: PWA operational

Next Steps:

Please explore our updated platform and share your thoughts. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

As Vevue enters the revenue generation phase, the company will seek additional investment in 2024 to accelerate its timeline. Simultaneously, the team will continue developing the platform, onboarding users, and gathering feedback to refine and prove the viability of its revenue generation.

A revised Investor Presentation and Financial Projections are available upon request.

As always, we’re available to personally discuss any questions and considerations you may have.

Happy Holidays,

Thomas and XiangYu

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