no utility. just art and $anime

$anime is a thank you to all who helped bring our love of anime onchain.

a statement to those looking to shape the future of onchain, decentralized anime: don’t ignore the already thriving community.

we tried our best to include a wide cross-section of the anime NFT community (including smaller artists), with emphasis on the og artists, collectors, and communities that kicked off the scene back in 2021. Over 140,000 wallets received an allocation. but we surely missed many in the short time we had.

a last thank you to the mfer community for the inspiration.

contract address (base): 0x0e0c9756a3290cD782CF4aB73ac24D25291c9564



token allocation spreadsheet :

airdrop will be concluded a few hours after token creation and LP is funded.

adding to $anime to metamask :

ensure you are on base network (select network in upper left of wallet), then follow the instructions to add a custom token using the $ANIME contract address.

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