Phase Three: Tales

gm Foxes,

The next phase of Heads & Tales begins today! 

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be turning 10 Heads into fully-fledged canonical Tales set in Terra Volpa.  

Each finished Tale will net the writer .15 ETH and will be minted to the blockchain and published in multiple places, including the PF Notion wiki. Additionally, the stories’ major events will impact the wiki entries we already have and inspire even more. 

At this moment, holders will need to be invited to write an official Tale – the pool of possible participants is limited to those who have submitted a Head and had their work tweeted out by the main PF account. If you’d like to be considered to write a Tale, submit a thoughtful Head first! There is currently no deadline to submitting Heads and you can submit as many Heads as you’d like. The more Heads, the merrier!

If you are selected to write a Tale, I will be available to help you throughout the process for some optional sessions: 

  • A pre-call in the Discord voice channel for 15-30 minutes to help you break down your story

  • A second 15-30 minute call to go over your story outline  

  • A round of notes (by email) on one early draft 

  • A round of notes on the nearly-final versions to get them ready for publishing.  

You will not be required to do any of the four steps above if you’d rather work alone. I do recommend using my time for at least a few of the four above options as final Tales will need to be approved before payment is remitted – the earlier and more often you get notes, the easier the approval process will be!

For now, the Tales stage of this process will last until we have 10 canonical finished stories (including a few that I will write). Then the team will assess how best to continue. (Of course, we’d all be super excited if holders want to write additional Tales outside of the process!)

Finished Tale requirements:

  • Tales will need to be at least 600 words; there is no maximum limit. 

  • Your story will need to be set in the Fox-verse in the “current time” of our Lore-building: just as foxes are starting to re-discover thinking and are realizing that Terra Volpa is much larger than just their small area of Shadowoods in the Rostrum district. 

  • Each Tale should establish precedent for something as-yet unexplored in the Fox-verse.  (I.e.; invent a new dynamic for how certain Fox species feel about each other, explore a new territory, or reveal a new facet of Fox society, etc.) 

  • Each Tale should feature your Fox as the main character and the plot should explore the veracity of the philosophical quote you submitted alongside your Head. 

I (Redemption) will reach out on Discord or Twitter to invite selected holders to write a Tale. 

Please note that if the PF project pays you over $600 worth of ETH over the course of 2023, you will need to provide documentation for taxes – this would mean privately doxxing yourself to the team.  As of now, .15 ETH is about ~$250 so breaking $600 in 2023 is an unlikely scenario, but we don’t want to surprise anyone.  Happy to answer any questions on this through DM or on the Fox server.

Please reach out with any questions or thoughts – we’re really looking forward to reading these stories!



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