Phase Two: Fox Heads and Story Seeds

gm foxes,

Welcome to the second phase of our community-driven content engine, Heads & Tales!

We will be creating original pairings – called “Heads” – of our Foxes and philosophical thoughts.  These Heads can be quickly and easily created by using the Endless Thinker app.  The best of the community’s submissions will be shared on Twitter each week and net its creator .01 ETH.

All Likes, RTs, QTs, and comments will directly impact which stories get told in the Foxverse.  The Heads that garner the most engagement on Twitter will be eligible to become Tales, which will be canonical stories that net the author .15 ETH. The Tales portion of the project will begin in January 2023.

If you own a Fox and can copy/paste a meaningful quote, you can create a Head in less than a minute.

The steps to create a Head are:

1.) Enter the name of a Fox NFT you own on

2.) Type (or paste) in a a philosophical quote that is meaningful to both you and your fox (based on the NFT’s character traits and personal philosophy)

3.) Export your image as a .jpeg or .png file.

4.) Upload the image to the #Heads channel in the Fox Discord.

The goal is for each Head to provide the seed of an interesting Tale in the Foxverse. Think of the quote you select as being the thesis (or moral) that a Fox Tale could explore.

The criteria for an ideal quote are:

  1. You should find its contents profound and want to share it with the world.

  2. It should be consistent with your fox’s personality traits/philosophy.

  3. It could be explored/dramatized in a work of short fiction.

  4. It shouldn’t be too long (it needs to fit on the NFT art).

Redemption Fox will create the first few Heads as examples and is happy to answer any questions or provide additional guidance in the Discord. Red will turn all selected Heads into a “Story Seed” format for Twitter.

And don’t worry about making your images perfect - anything selected for Twitter will be slightly re-designed before being tweeted from the main account. You are only responsible for the rough draft - so a quick-and-simple creation process is better than slow-and-perfect.

If your submission is tweeted out, you will be notified in the Discord and you can then request funding using the “Heads” RFP on Station. Please make sure to include the link to the Tweet in your proposal!

To start, we will be tweeting out Heads 2x per week.  The first few will be Redemption Fox’s creations, and then we will move to a model of 1 Head from Red each week and 1 from the community.  If there’s sufficient community participation, we will look to tweet 3x/week with 2 of those being community submissions.

Our hopes for Heads are they: increase community engagement, help build our “brand”, and set the stage for a number of interesting stories we can tell in the Foxverse.

Don’t forget that 30+ of the Wiki entries are still available to claim on Station. Heads and Wikis are happening simultaneously until all of the wiki entries have been claimed and approved. An updated list of the available wiki bounties is in the #lore-discovery channel in the Discord and more information on the wiki process can be found here.

Civis Vulpes Sum,


The first Head
The first Head
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