Introducing: Fox Bounties


We are following a path of “progressive decentralization.” That term, coined by Jesse Walden, notes the practice of starting with a more centralized structure and slowly handing more and more power to the community over time. The benefits of this approach are that it allows a centralized group to move quickly at first, ensuring core infrastructure is robust and that a genuine community is being built. As maturation occurs, the project reaps the benefits of true decentralization.

What does this mean in the context of Philosophical Foxes? 

At maturity, we hope to be a community-governed organization. This means that decisions will be made by all of us, including how to best allocate a shared treasury. 

Today’s announcement represents a step towards that goal. We’re glad to introduce Fox Bounties, a program designed to financially support community creations. 

While we’re starting by putting out bounties for six specific projects, over time, we hope the community will proactively come up with ideas that expand the limits of the Foxverse.

We’re putting out bounties for five ideas: 

1. Foxes Wiki

  • Description: Create a Notion page that consolidates important information, ideas, ongoing projects, and more about Philosophical Foxes. This is a hub and home for our community and can be a creative reflection of who we are. It will also need to be maintained. 
  • Example: Explore Nouns
  • Bounty: 0.5 ETH 

2. The Endless Thinker

  • Description: A web tool that lets you replace the text in your Fox or thought bubble with something new. Think of it as a lightweight, easy-to-use way of giving your NFT new thoughts. Inspired by Red’s suggestion in Discord. 
  • Example: N/A
  • Bounty: 2 ETH

3. The Bureau for Foxification

  • Description: We want our Foxes to have mimetic value. One way to do that is to make it easier for any picture to have a splash of Fox energy – whether that be a thought bubble, Fox ears, or something else. We encourage maximum creativity. 
  • Example: Nounify
  • Bounty: 2 ETH

4. The Philosophy Machine

  • Description: A tool to discover interesting philosophical quotes, thought experiments, artistic works, and paradoxes. We can find beauty and meaning in these serendipities.
  • Example: N/A
  • Bounty: 1.5 ETH

5. DoppelFox

  • Description: Who is your Fox’s doppelganger? Based on the metadata, find the Fox that is most similar to yours. (You might also figure out which Fox is least like yours.)
  • Example: N/A
  • Bounty: 2.5 ETH

In tackling these ideas, we encourage you to make them your own! Share your vision as part of the application process, described below. 


What is the Fox Bounty Program?

We have reserved 8.5 ETH from Philosophical Fox’s earnings to financially support the creation of these projects that we believe are in the best interests of our community. A different bounty is attached to each project based on the work we believe it will take to build. 

If you’re interested in the project but think further budget is needed, let us know in your bounty application. (More details below.)

Why 8.5 ETH? 

It’s a good starting point. We want to make sure we’re reserving enough money to complete Narrative 1 and as such are being conservative. We also want to take an iterative approach that prioritizes shipping, learning, and improving. 

How do I apply for the bounty? 

Here’s the process. 

  1. Write up a proposal in Google Docs. (Here’s a template.)
  2. Send the proposal to ohwow [@] 

We’ll aim to follow up in ~5 days with any follow-ups and next steps. 

Do I need to have a Philosophical Foxes NFT to participate? 


We will prioritize holders and those that have been active contributors to date but are open to all. If you want to help push our work forward, we consider you a Fox 🦊. 

Can I help someone else with one of these? 

We welcome Foxes to team up to work on these projects. Reach out to backed projects to see if you can help, or create a team of your own.

What if I need more ETH to complete the project? 

Let us know in your proposal how much you expect the project to cost. We’ve created each project budget to emphasize shipping and iterating. We are open to going beyond this in cases where we feel this is merited. 

What if I have an idea outside of the bounties listed? 

We encourage you to write a proposal. 

How will payment work?

Payment will be made upon completion of the project. In cases in which support is needed upfront, please note this in your proposal. (Over time, we may move to a different system but this feels like the cleanest place to start.) 

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