The road to conscious machine

The story of AI

Deep Learning

(P168) Deep learning is the core technology of DeepMind.

(P184) The big idea that drove the third wave of neural net research went by the name of Deep Learning.

Machine Learning

(P54) Like the name ‘Artificial intelligence’ itself, ‘machine learning’ is perhaps an unfortunate choice of terminology.

(P55) In fact, machine learning is not like human learning: it is about learning from and making predictions about data.

(P168) … how one particular approach to machine learning - neural networks - came to dominate… and the new idea driving their resurgence is a technique called deep learning.

(P168) Machine learning is a subfield of AI, but for much of the 60 years, it had evolved on a separate path.

(P173) Machine learning as a field is as old as AI itself, and just as large.

(P173) But the recent successes of machine learning have been based around one particular technique: neural networks(usually abbreviated to ‘neural nets‘).

Natural language

(P56) For a long time, the main approach to understanding natural languages involved trying to come up with precise rules that define these languages, in the same way that we have precise rules defining computer language.

Key figures

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