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(this is a quick note on Bitcoin Amsterdam🏃‍♀️)

I've noticed a common theme among Bitcoin enthusiasts: their interest in Bitcoin is often driven by a wide range of individual motivations and unique life stories.

In a global landscape where trust in traditional currencies wavered, Bitcoin stood out as a reliable alternative. With the worries of the Eurozone collapse and hyperinflation in Venezuela haunting many, Bitcoin became a symbol of financial resilience. It offered a means to accumulate wealth and protect assets in an uncertain world, filling a void where there was no comparable or complementary currency in terms of secure assets, unlike the US dollar and gold.

William was born in Venezuela, a country plagued by hyperinflation and economic turmoil. He once operated a mining farm in his hometown. But after a certain time, he shut it down and moved to Madrid, where his father came from. William told me the electricity in Venezuela is virtually free but the economy is crushed.

S is a software engineer originally from Portugal. He found it increasingly challenging to save money due to the financial uncertainties, so he relocated to Amsterdam in search of a new equilibrium.

It's evident that people are experiencing the impact of rising living expenses, and even for me, after nearly a year of living in Europe, the tangible effects on our daily essentials have become increasingly pronounced. I've penned a piece to capture this reality.

Amidst these individual struggles, the concept of Bitcoin accumulation emerged as a beacon of hope. People began to recognize the need for financial education, a deeper understanding of what a currency is, and how money should function in a complex world.

Edward Snowden, a polarizing figure known for his staunch advocacy of privacy and cybersecurity, delves deep into the realms of open and free speech, sparking debates about the fine balance between individual liberties and national security. While it's not a topic that everyone finds easy to embrace, his unwavering commitment to these ideals reflects the great responsibility and courage it takes to confront the issues at hand.

Snowden's session
Snowden's session

Snowden's message isn't always one of optimism; his revelations about mass surveillance often come across as a heavy burden to bear. Yet, in the midst of his discomfort and discontent, he offers a thought-provoking perspective. He highlights the interesting nature of the Bitcoin community, where individuals create their own demands and can even earn a living within this self-sustaining ecosystem.

There is a discussion about "publishing on Bitcoin". Essentially Bitcoin is a database, an immutable ledger. Data costs bitcoin, Bitcoin magazine published once → 11 megabits cost 7000 dollars. So the question is: What has to be inscribed on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin Magazine

Lastly, it comes my favorite project on Bitcoin Amsterdam.

The creator of Seed Signer was a cop👮 and a 12-year forensic examiner, a 3D printing geek. He created a device to leverage Bitcoin's use as a decentralized, permission-less, seizure-resistant, dilution-resistant store of value, a hard wallet to enable users to secure their private keys. Hard wallet is designed to protect the things written on paper.

the seedsigner session
the seedsigner session

His background as a forensic examiner, with a keen eye for detail and security, made him the prospect of bridging digital and physical security. He envisioned a device that would combine the world of law enforcement and the world of 3D printing.

The Seed Signer was no ordinary hard wallet. It is a chef-d'oeuvre of engineering, to let you perform hint-less transactions via simple DIY equipment.

Bitcoin is never an inherent answer to happiness, creativity, or energy(to me). Maybe it is an integration of the complexity, if you are not satisfied with xxx aspect of the current system, you can find something odd here. So it's an option, not necessarily inherently... ok I will shut up when the bus 🚌 comes back again.

We are all, in our own ways, involved in predicting and influencing what comes next in this intricate tapestry of life.

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