Ship's Log - Release 34 - August 24st, 2023

Calling all War Dogs! Combat v2 is live with this release! Gone are the days of spamming Power Shot and new attacks are now available depending on Pirate Expertise and Ship types. Levels have been Made Great Again. Plus Defense and Buffs are now part of the Pirate Nation Combat system. Select Actions to attack your enemies and buff your ships. The new Command Point system determines how many Actions can be performed per turn.

We are still iterating on Action unlock cadence and will continue to tweak this system as we make future updates in response to your feedback.


  • Use new attack and defensive Actions to progress through The Gauntlet.

  • Players can now Flee from battle.

  • Combat Quests have been removed from the Quests page.

  • The Gauntlet is now a true gauntlet, with the one battle proceeding to the next without returning your Pirate to Parrot’s Perch. Player’s can choose to return to Parrot’s Perch if they choose.

  • Before beginning a Gauntlet battle the player can now choose which Pirate to use from their Crew page and which ship they will use from the Docks building.


New Bugs

  • The Stoney Charybdis and Sandy Crasher play their attack animations when loading into a battle. Do not worry, they will not hit you until the battle begins!

  • Occasionally, a battle will end before the last attack finishes.

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