Ship's Log - Release 30 - July 27th, 2023

Ahoy there Seafaring Scoundrels! Going live with Release 30 will be 4 new Decorations (including a new Water-Based decoration) as well as 6 brand new quests. These new quests will give players more chances to get High Seas Maps, Kegs of Rum, Skeletons and Decorations to add to the Player Island.


  • The Small School of Silver Fish, Blue Starfish, White Clam and Driftwood, and Yellow Sea Flower Decorations have been added as new items to craft. Spruce up your Island for visitors.

  • 6 new Quests have been added. Use your Pirates to complete these new Quests to earn High Seas Maps, Kegs of Rum, Worn Copper Coins, Skeletons in the Sand and a variety of Decorations. There is even a new high risk, higher reward gold Quest available to higher level pirates!

New Bugs

  • None at this time… but if you see something, please say something (in a Discord ticket).
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