Ship's Log - Release 35 - August 31st, 2023

Salutations Scallywags!

The latest Pirate Nation update is live with some more Combat fixes and updates. We’ve made adjustments to which cards are given to Pirates and Ships and made some fixes to issues related to Evasion.


  • Bring The Pain Action tool tip text should now reflect the correct amount of damage.

  • Fixed Evade so that secondary effects no longer apply if the primary attack misses.

  • Enemies that use Regeneration should now recover less health.

  • When 0 is inflicted, the explosion animation will not play.

  • Fixed a bug in which Harpoon effects are still applied when that attack is evaded.

  • The player is now directed directly to the Ships OpenSea page if they do not have a Ship and follow the prompt to Buy a Ship when clicking on the Docks.

  • Made several changes to the Evasion Pirate Expertise card distribution.

  • Made a few minor changes to other Pirate Expertise card distributions.

  • Ships now correctly add a card to your deck.

New Bugs

  • Some players may have the game freeze when attempting to edit their Island the first time editing is attempted after this release goes live. This should not persist when refreshing and trying again.

  • An incorrect Pirate model will appear on the Crew Page and in-game when the player scrolls up and down on the Crew Page.

  • When defeating an enemy, the battle may continue until one more action is performed.

  • The status effect icon for Roll with the Blow does not appear, but it is working!

  • The armor status carries over to the next round if an enemy performs a Defensive Strike.

Future features/work on the roadmap related to combat:

  • New Action Card types will filter into the game over the next several releases.

  • After the new Action Cards are implemented and tested for a bit, we plan to do a rebalance pass on Expertise Action Card distribution.

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