Ship's Log - Release 31 - August 3rd, 2023

Attention Sea Dogs! The latest addition to your Pirate armada has arrived. Complete the “What the Frigate?” quest to earn blueprints for the Pirate’s Frigate. This new ship is available to craft once all blueprints are obtained. Also available this week will be 4 new Decorations to to liven up both the land and water areas of the Player Island.


  • Collect blueprints from Quests to Craft the Pirate’s Frigate. This new ship is not as fast and accurate as Sloop or Galleon, but it packs a mighty punch to go along with its best in class durability.

  • The Small Algae Bloom, Scuttled Cargo, Purple Clam Shell, and Small Rock with Driftwood are now available for Crafting and Decoration.

  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect descriptive text for Pirate Ships on the Crafting screen.

New Bugs

  • The Pirate’s Frigate appears with incorrect Rarity text.
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