Ship's Log - Release 36 - September 11th, 2023

Calling all Pirates! This is our biggest release yet, and it’s not even close as Gen1 Pirates, a big step towards opening up Pirate Nation as a Free to Play game, have arrived!

Due to changes to the login flow code all existing players will need to login again & authorize the game wallet as we’ve switched over to a back-end new system.


  • Accounts holding a Founder’s Pirate as of 4:09 PM ET on September 11, 2023 will have their wallets unlocked with this release.

  • Players with more than 1 Founder’s Pirate will be air-dropped additional Trade Licenses (1 per additional Founder’s Pirate) alongside this release.

  • The Daily Cap for Command Rank Points is 100 points & increasing your Command Rank comes along with rewards.

  • Gen1 Pirates will need to reach Command Rank Level 10 in order to unlock the Trade License to participate in the trading ecosystem. Players earn Command Rank by playing Gauntlets.

  • Gen0 Pirates purchased after the snapshot will need to reach Command Rank Level 10 in order to unlock trading on their account.

  • We’ve made it dramatically simpler to get a Pirate’s Skiff. The Prepare to Disembark quests removed from the Quests page and the Pirate’s Skiff can now be Crafted without needing to Craft the Completed Plan: Skiff.

  • The new What’s In Your Wallet? Bounties have been added to the game.

  • We made under the hood updates for improved frame rates and overall performance improvements.

  • Graphics quality settings are fixed on the Settings page.

  • We’ve brought the Demo Battle back and updated it for Combat V2. Share it with your friends!

  • Fixed an issue in which Gauntlet battles were not being completed for some players.

  • Fixed a bug in which an error was appearing when a player switched wallets.

  • Fixed a bug in which Rum could be consumed more than intended.

  • Fixed a bug in which Armor based buffs carry over into an extra turn incorrectly when the Protective Strike Action is played.

  • The Strike Area tool tip text now reflects the correct amount of damage for that Action.

  • Actions that apply a bleed effect now have the bleed blocked by Armor buffs.


  • The log-in screens have been updated.

  • An email based waitlist has been created for Gen1 Pirates.

  • Command Rank has been added to the Player Profile.

  • The UI for Marks has been added to the Player Profile. This is the currency that Gen1 Pirates will earn and use until they unlock their Trade License.

  • Tradeable Contracts are now deployed. These are proxy contracts that limit OpenSea from allowing Skiffs, and later other Soulbound tokens, to be listed. All official links have been redirected to these new contracts, no action on your part needed.

New Bugs

  • Command Rank points that are earned once the player is past the Daily Cap will show up when the player returns to the game after completing The Gauntlet.

  • Command Rank Level Up Pop Up does not appear. Rewards are being added to the Inventory and will appear on the Inventory page after refreshing the game.

  • Reward pop ups may appear with double the amount of rewards. The proper amount is being added to the Inventory.

  • The Activity Page may not load when the player chooses the “Only Me” filter.

  • In-Game music may persist switching from the game to a web page like Hold and Own or My Profile.

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