Ship's Log - Release 33 - August 21st, 2023

Ahoy matey! A small release this week as the PN Crew is still piloting the course towards the new combat system (which is looking amazing and really, really close). This week we are adding more colorful foliage and a new addition to our Totem collection. There is also a major change to the way Bounties work.


  • The Purple Palm, Pipo’s Periwinkle, Tiki Totem, and Small Conch Shell are available to Craft and place on the Player Island.

  • A Pirate on a Bounty can now be used for Quests while on that Bounty.

  • The Yellow Sea Flower has had its description text updated.

  • We’ve removed the Demo Battle until we move to our new combat system

New Bugs

  • Triple Wind Mill and Energy Coil have had their timers reset with this release. Sorry!
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