Ship's Log - Release 37 - September 14th, 2023

With the second release this week the Pirate Nation team has made updates to clarify what is being earned with the Command Points Rank Up, as well as the Pirate XP Level Up. Also with this release there are some more bug fixes and updates to the Settings page (which can now be accessed while in Combat).


  • Players will now see more information about Actions that are unlocked when Pirates gain a level.

  • Command Rank progress will also trigger a pop up with each level upl.

  • Command Rank level up rewards will be visible in the Inventory screen without the need to refresh.

  • Settings UI has been added while in Combat.

  • Post-Combat results screen updated to show Command Rank Points earned

    • NOTE: There is a daily cap on Command Rank of 100 points.
  • A fullscreen toggle has been added inside Settings.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Combat Actions to repeat their order with every battle.

  • Visual update to improve the clarity of Action text during Combat.

New Bugs

  • The Command Rank Point Progress meter does not accurately reflect the Command Rank progress.

  • An extraneous log update will briefly appear when completing a Gauntlet battle.

  • The Trade License will appear with debug text when highlighted the first time after loading into the game.

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