Ship's Log - Release 38 - September 21st, 2023

Greetings Pirates!

The Pirate Nation crew is celebrating today’s Proof of Play milestone with another release! This update will allow F2P players to create their own custodial wallets as part of the sign-in flow after picking their Gen 1 Pirate. Speaking of Gen 1 Pirates, there are now 10 more Pirates added to the list. We’ve also made more improvements to increase stability to keep the game running smoothly.


  • Fixed a bug in which Ship Health was shown at Zero when accessing the Docks after defeat in The Gauntlet.

  • Relayer update to address recent transaction failures and increase game stability.

  • Added 10 new Gen 1 Pirates that F2P players can choose to mint.


  • Updated the sign in flow to support creating a new wallet with just an email address.

  • Metadata for pirates has been cleaned up for Affinity and Expertise

  • The “locked” trait text has been removed for Gen 1 Pirates and Ships.

  • The format for a Ship’s current health has been fixed.

  • Ship stat traits have been updated to remove stats that are no longer relevant in Combat V2.

  • Gen 1 Pirates that without facial hair have their metadata for that trait uploaded to None instead of 0.

New Bugs

  • None at this time… but if you see something, please say something (in a Discord ticket).
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