PSDN Airdrop Details

The wait is finally over. We are excited to share details about our upcoming airdrop!

It's here! The airdrop you've all been waiting for, 'Wen Airdrop' ?!

At H2O we like to take good care of our partners, so we prepared sizable airdrops and rewards in POSEIDON ($PSDN) for our core communities: New Order, Ocean Protocol and Reflexer.

What is H2O?

H2O is a data-backed stableasset with a managed float regime. Initially, it is backed by $OCEAN, though very soon will be collateralized by next-generation data tokens. H2O serves as a medium of exchange and unit of account in data marketplaces. The governing token of the protocol is POSEIDON, which will be used to govern the initial parameters of the protocol, bootstrap ecosystem development, and incentivize the liquidity of the protocol. We see H2O becoming the dominant medium of exchange and unit of account for data tokens, and positioning itself as an integral part of decentralized data economies.

Airdrop and Rewards

New Order

4% of the total supply is allocated to New Order Stakers (LP and Single Sided). The New Order Airdrop is released in 4 tranches, equally distributing 1% on each tranche. The first tranche is distributed immediately at TGE (April 27th); the other 3% are distributed over the next 2 months via our upcoming veNEWO tokenomics. With veNEWO the lock period and # of tokens locked would dictate the Airdrop allocation.

Note that for LP stakers only the NEWO held in the LP positions will be entitled to the PSDN airdrop, the non NEWO side of the LP will not be allocated PSDN.

Snapshot date: April 22


4% of the total supply is allocated to Ocean Snapshot Voters. It will incentivize H2O protocol use and distribute governance to ecosystem members. The distribution will follow the same tranche structure as New Order, where 1% will be airdropped at TGE with 3 following tranches over the next 2 months.

Snapshot date: April 22


FLX stakers will be entitled to PSDN rewards when staking the FLX/ETH LP. 7% of the PSDN supply will be distributed over a period of 18 months further allocating H2O governance to ecosystem partners.


Claiming the Airdrop

Claiming will be available on April 27, soon after TGE. Eligible addresses will be able to claim on the New Order and H2O Dapps.

Welcome to H2O

We’d love for you to join our growing community of builders and users committed to decentralized data economies in DeFi. You can start by joining one or more of our community channels.

About H2O

H2O is a data-backed stableasset with a managed float regime that serves as a medium of exchange and unit of account in decentralized data marketplaces.

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